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Christmas Stories--Your Most Memorable Ones

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I would like to share two Christmas memories with you and hope that you will tell us some of yours.

Christmas as a pre-schooler:
I had wanted a tricycle for oh, so long. I lay in bed at night and dreamed of getting a tricycle. I thought I'd be such a big girl, and I could even give rides to my friends! I just knew that if I had a tricycle, all my dreams would come true. I was a tall child, and my coordination did not develop early, but the year finally came when my parents knew I could handle a trike! There it sat, bright and shining, near the tree. I was so happy. Then I got on. My legs were so long they hit the handlebars. Mom and Dad tried to get me another one, but that was the largest trike made. Of course they had no choice but to send it back to the North Pole. I'll never forget that Christmas.

The Night the Real Santa came to our House: My husband and I had separated the year before, but we knew he would come Christmas morning. I kissed the girls good night and tucked in our little boys and listened to their prayers. Sometime in the middle of the night I got up to get a drink from the kitchen. Suddenly, I became aware that there was a man sitting on our living room sofa. I wasn't wearing my glasses, of course, but for some reason I felt no fear. As I approached the man gradually, I realized that he had long white whiskers and a red suit. I walked to the couch as the girls sneaked out of their bedroom-just in time to see Mommy kissing Santa Claus. The next morning, the boys told me how Santa had peeked in their room. They couldn't stop exclaiming how fat he was! Of course they didn't come out. No one is supposed to watch Santa. But they lay awake a long time!
Early the next morning, my tall, slim husband came to spend the day, and we treasured the childrens' stories together. It was a beautiful Christmas.
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I think all of my early childhood Christmases were memorable and I don't have a certain one that really stands out. The same things just kept happening every year. First of all, my sister and I would be over-excited about Christmas during the whole month of December, and we always drove our mom nuts asking when would it be Christmas. AND we always kept asking why Christmas was taking so l-o-n-g to come. When Christmas week finally came we would REALLY drive our mom nuts by asking if we could open just one present early.

On Christmas Eve we always left cookies and milk out for Santa. My sister and I would be too excited to sleep and our dad always made a lot of noise putting presents under the tree. He always used to play with some of our gifts, and the next morning our parents would tell us that Santa had to test the toys to make sure they worked. On Christmas morning my sister and I would wake up early (like 2 a.m.) and go into the livingroom to open presents. Our parents would make us go back to bed but we would be too excited to sleep. They would finally let us start opening presents around 5 a.m. Also, every year there were toys we couldn't play with right away because our parents never bought enough batteries and they would blame Santa.

About the only thing that ever changed during my early childhood Christmases was some years we went to my grandparents' house later in the day and some years we stayed home.
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When I was four my Grand Daddy died suddenly of a stroke about 2 days before Christmas; he was only 60.

At Christmas, my grandmother gave my sister and I two baby dolls he had gotten for us the day he died.

What a gift of love.
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Two years ago we visited my husband's family in the UK. We left on 23 December (Sydney time) and spent a few days on a stopover in Hong Kong, so on Christmas Day we had dinner at a French restaurant in Kowloon. There were decorations and everything, but it was really like any other day, there was no holiday, all the stores were open, and we went to a church service (in English) but it wasn't the same, so I was a little bit disappointed.

Then we got to England on the evening of the 26th (England time) and being jet lagged, went straight to bed. When we woke up the next morning, it had snowed, the pond and the moat surrounding the house was frozen, it was a winter wonderland, like all my childhood fantasies about Christmas. (In Australia, Christmas is VERY VERY HOT.) So although it was a couple of days late, it was almost a perfect Christmas (and you know, I don't even remember what the presents were, because that just didn't matter, because it had snowed!)

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That was special, and very touching. My dad used to give a silver dollar to every baby born in the family. Most of these were the real silver dollars Morgan and the Peace dollar. Since he died when I was thirty, the tradition stopped, but I had a collection by that time, some for my babies and others people had given me. So, many years after his death, my grand daughters got a silver dollar each from their great-grampap for Christmas. I think they're only worth about thirty dollars now, but when the little ones grow up, they'll have a piece of history to hand down to their children.
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These are just beautiful stories and very touching!

Merry Christmas to you all! I don't really have a story to tell that I can think of right now....will have to think about it.
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My best christmas was when I was young and we went to my great grand mother's, She made the best peach pie,I have not found any that can touch her's,to this day! I came from a family of 7 kid's,so there was't a lot of money for gifts,but I did;t care as long as I got to go to her house.When she passed away I was 21,now I am 40 something I still miss her.I hope someday my grandchildern will say thier best Christmas were the one;s they spent at gramma's! I have 6!
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