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Pregnant Cat, Sign of Labor?

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A stray cat adopted me when i moved to a new house. About two months ago, I noticed she was pregnant. She has shown signs of nesting for the past 3 weeks now, today she has been very vocal, but she is not following me around like usual. Just whenever I am in the same room with her she talks a lot. When I pet her belly it feels hard, usually I can feel a kitten kick or move around. Could she be going into labor? She is acting very nervous, and her eyes look scared. What do you think?
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it could very well be, just make sure she is nice and calm and in a safe room with her food,water and litter tray. keep us updated and we love pictures here.
PS welcome to TCS
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This is a picture of her, taken about 3 weeks ago.
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aww , shes such a pretty girl. thank you for sharing her picture.
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Awwwwwwww!!! What a pretty kitty!!!
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she had 4 kittens! one black tabby striped one, with 2 white stars on its belly and socks on its front feet, 2 solid white ones, and one white with a gray smudge on it's head! she did so good!
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Congratulations on the kitties! I'm guessing mom and kits are doing just fine. Were you there to witness the birth or where you just surprised?

So, yes...your instincts were right...she was in labor!
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Awww congrats to you and the mommy!!!
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Congrats, on the kittens. You'll have to document their progress every day. That's what I do when I have baby mice. It's amazing how fast they grow.
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Congrats on the babies.
Mommy is a beautiful girl.
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im so pleased that she had a safe delivery and healthy babys. yes i will be the one to say it, will you be getting her spayed once the kittens are weened? remember she can get pregnant as short as a few days after birth so please keep her inside and away from any intacked males.
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Yes, I definitely plan on getting her spayed. When she first adopted us, I thought that she must be someones cat since she is so tame, so that's why I didn't get her spayed then. I put up flyers and an ad in the paper, but no one anwsered..then she got pregnant.
Sylvie(the mom) and kittens are doing just fine, she's been eating when I put food in her box, but she won't leave the kittens just yet. She ate a whole bowl of food last night!
And no, I wasn't there for delivery, I came home from work and was happily suprised!
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Could we get pics of the babies?
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as soon as i get batteries in my camera, i will post pictures! Sylvie might not let me, she wants all the attention now!
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Here is a picture of Sylvie with her babies, she doesn't like the camera around them. Remember theres 3 white ones and a black, all that you can see of the black one is his little paws in the air!
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aww , lovely thank you for sharing the pictures with all of us.
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Awwwww!!!!! sooo beautiful!!!
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