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Getting a new job but not sure I should accept

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Hello all. I'm getting a new job in January as a Vet Assistant at our local veterinary clinic but I'm torn. I've wanted this kind of job since I graduated high school. I'm very against declawing and this vet offers this in his clinic. I would have to assist in these surguries. This is a wonderful opportunity for me and I don't want to pass it up but I don't like the idea of having to assist in declaw surguries. I just don't know what to do.

If you had this opportunity what would you do? Your imput would be greatly appreciated.


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It would be my thinking that perhaps over time, you can make a difference in this one clinic and get them to change their thinking about the declawing issue. It would have to be done with a delicate touch, because coming on aggressively could cause you to lose your job. Some vets don't think about the consequences to the cat-they look at the money aspect, and *most* clients do not know about behavior modification, and how it can be achieved instead of resorting to declawing.

I do know that if I was asked to assist with a declawing, I don't know that I would be strong enough to do so-knowing what the cat is in for down the long road back.
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Is there maybe a way to tell your boss that you are against de-clawing and ask if someone else could be in there during the surgery?
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This is a very small clinic and I would be the only assistant. I have though about just talking to the vet and talling him my issues and concern with declawing and see if we could come to some kind of understanding and agreement. I currently take my own animals to him for treatment and he is a very kind and uderstanding man. I guess when I applied for the job I didn't think of all that would be involved with my job resposibilities. I would never declaw my own cats so didn't think about the possibility of having to deal with it as a part of my job.

Thank you so much for your imput.

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Wow, that's a tough one! I would certainly hate to pass up a job like this because of the one issue...although it is a hugely important one, and I agree with you 100% about it and it would be so very very hard to assist in something like that...but yet, look at all the good you could do there for the other animals. I guess I would try explaining to the vet that you really want this job, but that you are concerned about assisting with the declaw surgeries befcause you are so terribly against it.
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Perhaps in your talk with him about your issues with declawings, you could suggest educating people who wish to have this procedure done. Just a brochure that explains the procedure, the possible behabioural and health related side effects, and alternatives in training and even the nail tips (which he could still make money off of). I think that the vast majority of people who get their cats declawed don't have any idea what it involves (I was one of those ). If he would allow education about the process, you would probably save many, many cats the pain of this procedure. He may offer it only because people want it, and if he doesn't do it they will go somewhere that does, losing a lifetime of helping the pet in the process.
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Well thank you for all your help. I've decided to accept the job and I start in Jaunuary. I have not had a chance to talk to the vet in detail but I think that is what I will do. I really like your suggestion Valanhb and I am going to see if that would be possible. Maybe I could make a difference in this clinic, I would sure like to try anyway.

Thanks again guys!!

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Where in Michigan are you?

It is good that you accepted the position if that is what you really want to do. At the same time, though, while your opinions, etc. need to be respected, you have to also respect the decisions, beliefs, and wishes of your clients without holding judgement on them or making any comments that aren't objective to them about what they are doing. I, personally, would come UNGLUED if anyone from a business imposed their beliefs on me about whatever it may be (and I am not saying that is specific to declawing..it could ANYTHING in any business). I would take my business elsewhere. That could harm your job status as well as hurt the vet's business. Like any job, if you want to do the work, you have to take the good with the bad. And....remember....the customer is always 'right'! (not always, but in business world, it works that way!) Good luck!
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Glad that you decided to accept the job... You said you are against declawing. Do you have to assist with euthanasias as well? And, if so, how do you feel on that part of assisting?

I think with every job, there are pros & cons.
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