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Grand Central Kitty Station Around Here

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Anyone want to tell me how I went from no cats to 6 in such a short time???? It's been like Grand Central Station around here. I've not been involved in cat rescue for 2yrs and all of a sudden, we're right back where we left off. I don't know whether to laugh or scream! I think I'll laugh. Ok, so we started out with Hera, Reyah, and Athena. Then came Gaia, Phoebe, and Thalia. We found a home together for Gaia and Phoebe, then placed Athena. Next came Lucy and Zoe, who are still here, but looking for their forever homes. THEN, my husband comes home with another kitten. Someone that he works with has a grandmother who took on caring for a stray pregnant cat. Due to health reasons, she couldn't allow the cat indoors, but she fed her and took care of her. Well where she lives the hawks and owls are horrible for scavenging the area. The kittens have been ok, but about 3wks ago the mother cat disappeared and she noticed that the kittens started disappearing one by one. The lady said that she knows that the hawks have been the main culprit, because she's seen it happen before. This lady is elderly and did what she could to protect them, but realized that she couldn't do that properly, so she decided to let the remaining kittens go to good homes. My husband went over there and when he saw this kitten he couldn't leave her. She's the same age as Thalia...actually born two days before. Now that I've met her, I've determined that she can't leave. Here is the reason...I bottle-fed a kitten 4yrs ago that I adored and didn't want to let go. I ended up letting her go, because we were heavily involved with rescue at that time, we still had Smuckers, and there was a lady that was involved with rescue with me who wanted her. I knew that it was a good home and that by letting her go, it opened us up for another kitty in need. Anyway, this is the kitty that I let go....


Now, if I didn't know better, I would swear that this new kitten was the same. They are so similar that it's uncanny, but they're 4yrs apart in age.
Meet Hecate:

I told DH that NO MORE can come in until Lucy and Zoe find a good home. I just can't take on any more. LOL! Am I crazy or do I just have a crazy husband???
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It's a mad house at mine with 2 adult kitts and a kitten never mind 6!!

Awwwwww but their so sweet
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Aww, look at those cute pictures..How can anyone resist that!!
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Completely adorable! She really does look like the other one
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They do look alike - right down to the white toes! Hecartes is definitely a keeper.
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Sounds like you really have your hands full! But how rewarding.
They are all gorgeous
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You are doing a great thing for all those kitties and they all look so happy and cute!!
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Gosh! Looking at those sweet faces I can see how you went from none to 6!!! Who could resist!
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Thanks everyone! I do have someone interested in Zoe, but isn't sure yet. She's a friend of mine, so I know that she'd provide a good home. The thing holding her back is that her and her husband just separated and she wants to be sure that she can take on another cat financially before she decides to. She did tell me, though, to place her if a good home opened up for her before she decided. I'll keep everyone posted.
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