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bath question?

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Been awhile since Ping was this little and I have forgotten things. I gave the kitty a bath earlier but because I could find a fine tooth comb I missed some fleas. So my question when is it safe to give him another bath. Should I wait a week, a few days or what. The last bath I used just baby shampoo. Thanks.
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if it is to remove flees i would say a cupple of days as long as it isnt an ongoing thing of course.
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In a couple of days. Got it. I am just worried about him still having some fleas on him and a flea problem starting here. We have never had a flea problem here.
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if you ONLY bathed him with baby shampoo, and he is dry, you CAN rebath him with Dawn dish soap. It kills fleas, and wont hurt the lil one.

wet him with warm water, soap him up really well, then let it sit a minute or two. then rinse, being careful to see and wash away ANY fleas you can find. I have dont this many times, and it NEVER hurt a kitten.
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One more question what do I do about the fleas around his face area? Do I just use the fine tooth comb and try to comb them out? Also what can I do about the room he has been in incase the fleas jumped. What can I do savely to cure that issue?
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