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Had to see the oral surgeon today

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Not me but Neil. After seeing the dentist and endodontist yesterday he had to make up his mind within 48 hours. So this morning he talked to the dentist and scheduled an appt for an oral surgeon. The swelling had increased significantly in the past 24 hours, he was unable to really open his mouth and unable to eat and of course popping the pain meds.

So the doc cracked the tooth to remove it and there was an abcess. The pain was severe so they had to give anaethesia through an IV. So we are home now, I made some Jello, picked up more pain meds-he was groggy from all the stuff and is hopefully sleeping. When he wakes I will change the gauze and see if he wants to eat. (and take the antibiotics) This is the plan for the next 24 hrs. Nurse Gail is reporting for duty.

So hopefully this time tomorrow he will be feeling lots better.
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OH YUCK, I had an abscess before that was so bad they had to take the tooth and I was in so much pain the first two days by the third i was feeling better but I feel his pain and it is far from fun.I hope he has a speedy recovery and feels better soon.
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Me too as he is a terrible patient!!
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I hope that he improves quickly!!!
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Oh man! I had an abcess when i was a teenager! My whole cheek was swollen and it was starting to go into my eye!!
I almost had blood poisoning!! I happened kindof fast, one minute it was sore then swelling, then SWOLLEN! Not in one day of course; when something like that starts it's practically too late already.
Mom took me to the dentist they put me on antibiotics for a few days first, then yanked it.
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Well he is up and moving!! He changed the gauze and took some meds and now is on the sofa downstairs. I guess the Novacaine is wearing off!
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Ohhhh I HATE oral surgery!! Make sure he ICES, and does it regularly! I also find mashed potato is fantastic after oral surgery - it goes down easy and is pretty filling.

Good luck to him (and you )
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Well he wanted me to run into town and buy him a carmel malt. There is a small ice cream shoppe but they are so pricey I went to grocery store instead and picked up ice cream. I didn't know that there was cheesecake pudding so I picked that up too!!

He is sleeping on a chair holding a ice pack now. Bakker was his guard kitty for the afternoon andjust crawled up on Neil but didn't really wake him.

Hope the rest of the evening goes well (for me!)
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