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guess what happened? (funny)

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so i was stressed out this morning and couldn't sleep and finally gave in and decided to make an omelette and put some coffee on. i was kinda out there in my mind (lack of caffeine) and zoned out. i knew kuan yin (my 8 week old kitten) was around and that i had shut all the doors and windows so i just figured she was playing. well, i'm waiting for the cheese to melt on the eggs and i hear this meowing that is off in the distance and somewhat muffled. i panic and start searching the house..i mean, i was running!!! i kept imagining her trapped somewhere...i couldn't hear it anymore so i went back to the kitchen and began to hear the meowing again but it was still somewhat distant. i was stumped. all of a sudden, the light bulb went off. i opened the refrigerator and was greeted by a hissing, upset kitty. she bolted out and looked at me like i was crazy. i didn't know whether to be horrified, worried, or amused. she had probably been in there a minute. but since all is well and she appears fine now, i keep shaking my head and giggling everytime i think about it.
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Aww ive almost done that. Although now mine no not to go it cause when they have this might sound mean i have shut the door. Just for a sec they didnt like it.
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Eeeep, I'm glad you heard her meowing!
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OMG! Poor kitty.
It`s easily done though. I`ve done it myself with Kitty before. Not in the fridge but a cupboard
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Yes, I've done it too with cupboards and closets. They're not too impressed when it happens.
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We shut one of ours up between the storm door and the screen door once.
The screen suffered lots of holes and we had one PO'd kitty!!
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