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Everybody's a critic....

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I just learned how to use the cd player on the computer. Since it is in the kitchen, it is nice to be able to listen to music while I cook and do dishes. I was listening to it while I was cooking last night, and put the food down for the cats. Usually they come running when they hear the bowls hit the floor. I looked for them, and they were all sitting outside the kitchen door, looking at me kinda like my parents used to right before I got "turn down that **** noise!" I guess they aren't Meat Loaf fans.
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DON'T LIKE MEATLOAF!!!! What silly kitties! Meatloaf is awesome! (Ok If you must know I was a Rocky Horror Picture Show cast leader for 6 years!) I'm kinds partial to Meatloaf, Tim Curry, and Susan Sarandon. As well as the other cast members you have probably never heard of!
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OMG, Rocky Horror Picture Show takes me back to high school, and seeing it with my friends after Homecoming. LOL. "What's for dinner?" "Not Meatloaf again." LOL
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Im a RHPS nut! Were you in the theatre or in the actual movie? My best friend and I always say 'Tim Curry makes me oooooohhh....shake!' hehe. Im glad to know people who love that show! I think its a classic that will never ever go out of date!!!!
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A few years back in my waitressing days, I was working in a hotel restaurant. On one of our crazy busy nights, one of the cooks and I chilled out by doing the Time Warp. It made the night so much better.
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We were called "Absent Friends" we performed two nights a week at 2 different theaters. We also did shows for a home for disabled teens! This was our favorite thing for a road trip!
I loved making the costumes and I still have the Coffin Clock that we bring out at Halloween!
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I love Meatloaf!!! I actually have the record! Yes, I said record..I'm an old fart.
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