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how to prevent fecal matter from

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sticking to your long haired cats bottom? does anyone else have this problem? im so tired of removing it, very nasty

Should i go in and get the backside shaved?
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I usually just trim the hair on Wickett's backside. He hates it though so if you don't think you can handle doing it yourself I'd have a professional cat groomer do it for you. Although (knock on wood) this hasn't been an issue lately as I usually only give him a trim when he has a "problem".
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I also would suggest trimming the hair. Not much else to do to keep it clean.
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I bought a hand-held groomer's trimmer (actually made for trimming fur on dog faces ) and I use it to trim Ginger's bum fur.

With poor Ferris, well, if he messes himself, he's the one that cleans it off, because I can't trim it or he attacks me. I just try not to think about it.

I just got him a lion cut which has solved the issue at least for the summer.
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I would not shave it, but I'd trim it shorter and see if it helps.

What are you feeding? Sometimes the poorer quality foods don't set right and cause softer stools.
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I tried electric trimmers once and Wickett spazzed out. I have to use scissors if I want to stand a chance of getting him trimmed. It's just his back side though... when I trim mats on his belly or legs or anywhere not near his hiney or clip his nails, he's very good.
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I take Isaac to the vet to get a sanitary shave once or twice a year. I too get tired of the little things that he accidently brings out of the box with him.
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I keep Stan trimmed, it's not just the poo that gets caught, he sometimes sprinkles himself too so he has a year-round sanitary trim. I started with scissors, moved up to DH's beard trimmer (he doesn't need it ), last night we used the full sized plug in clippers.

I got him used to the sound gradually by turning on the trimmers when he came into the bathroom with me. DH helps by holding (and distracting) him while I do a quick trim. I don't shave him totally, just enough so the hair isn't covering the exits.
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Originally Posted by JellyBella View Post
it's not just the poo that gets caught, he sometimes sprinkles himself too
Yeah Isaac does too. That' part of why I decided to stop trying to keep trimmed with scissors and just give in and get the full sanitary at the vets office.
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I trim my kitty's rear with hair cutting scissors (I don't think regular scissors would even cut through that fur). I put him on the bathroom counter and put some treats down. As he bends over to eat I pull up on his tail and trim away.

He doesn't love me doing it and will sometimes attempt to sit down. I just keep pulling his tail and trim away. I also sometimes do it when his front paws are in the bathroom sink and he is drinking from the faucet.

If he does get a turd stuck in his fur, only cutting it out works (do not try washing the bottom or using a paper towel. Scissors are the way to go.
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Does he have soft stools? Mosi is long haired and I don't have this problem with him. He has got poo stuck on his fur in the past, now and again, but only rarely and not for sometime now. I've watched him in the litter tray and he just doesn't get any on him. He does have nice, firm stools though My previous long haired cat didnt' have a problem either. On the odd occasion he has got some on him I just use a wipe to clean him up. If it's a regular problem with your cat I'd trim the hair around that area if possilbe, but first I'd check his stools and food as he's more likely to make a mess if he has soft stools.
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Scissors, until he's used to it then maybe some clippers if you like! Make sure you have back up, kitties don't like any unnecessary rump attention!
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Thinning the fur using thinning shears might help and it would look a lot better than cutting it...
I've also heard of people using some sort of grooming spray that helps keep the icky stuff from sticking to the fur... I'm not sure how well it works though.
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with 5 long-haired kitties I understand the trouble you are having. I keep 3 of them shaved in the rear end, cling-ons can be nasty little things. Dusty and Squeeker seem to chew their fur short as if they know that otherwise it means a trip to work with me and a butt shave. Melody and Uno are both due for a shaving, Melody is getting groomed on Saturday and so far Turbo seems to have more problems with stuff getting stuck in his tail fur more so than his butt. Turbo does seem to have a ridiculously long tail though. I would suggest taking your kitty to a vet or a groomer for a shave rather than trying it yourself. I do like the idea of the thinning shears that was mentioned, I may have to try it with Melody on Saturday. I will let you know how it goes.
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