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A new cat to the home so soon?

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It has been 8 days since Angel has passed away and my mother is really considering another cat as soon as this weekend. I had gone to the Humane Society earlier this week to visit the cats and actually found it to be theraputic for me. It has been very very hard dealing with Angel being gone, but it was very wonderful to be able to play with these cats and give them hugs and scratches. My mother started talking about adopting one after I told her about my own visit and one in particular that I just thought was a doll...it is Cleo (female). Later that night, my mother called just in tears saying that she wasn't ready...she misses Angel so much, but the next day, she told me she wanted me to go with her to visit a cat, Luke, who is in a foster home. *sigh* So we went and he is a really sweet guy, too. My mother was all about talking to the cat in her cat voice and asking about the adoption procedure, etc. Wellll...today....she told me she talked to our vet (the one who put Angel to sleep)and decided that Cleo would be better based on various things. So NOWWWWW....she went and bought a new litter box, food dishes, etc tonight. I asked her if she was ready and she said that she really did think so because she really was lonely without Angel. My dad works until like 11pm so she is alone in the evenings. She told me that another cat would NEVER replace Angel...EVER...and Angel's urn and picture are by her bed. She just really would like companionship and to be able to give a home and love to a cat that needs them. I know she isn't trying to 'replace' Angel..I know that because she has ALWAYS talked in her 'cat voice' to any cat even when Angel was around. And she was wonderful with the cats we saw. Part of me thinks this is wonderful because she is going to be able to love again, but part of me thinks that it is too soon. I mean, I was able to love these cats when I was there, but I also still cry for Angel.

Is it too soon or am I smoking crack?
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Just a short while ago, my sweet Leo died of feline leukemia. If I had not had 3 others at home I would have gone from the vet's office to the shelter. There is nothing wrong with wanting a companion, and she is simply getting another one. Some of us just need a cat in our lives to make them complete. You are right that Angel can never be replaced, but every time a beloved pet goes to the Bridge, there is an empty spot in a loving home, and many cats in desperate need. I think it is very unselfish to rescue another cat and give it a loving home. I am so sorry for your loss of Angel, but I think it is great that you are opening your heart and home to a cat that could remain in a shelter indefinitely or worse.
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I think it is wonderful of your mother to be ready so quickly. Some folks need to have something to transfer all that love to- and she sounds like she is that type of folk.

I don't think she is trying to replace Angel. Cat's cannot be replaced, but your mother understands the need out there for good loving homes for cats stuck in cages. I would support her decision- and just be there for her.
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Thank you. There are times when I think it is wonderful (and deep down I know it is), but there are times when I get nearly sick thinking about another cat laying on the couch where Angel did...being in the yard where Angel loved to be.... Really...it is nauseating to me sometimes and I don't know how I will feel when that actually happens. Bittersweet, perhaps?

I am so sad, though...I really miss my cat.
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Of course you miss your cat...and rightly so...and I feel your pain...but your mother seems to really want another cat right away to help her deal with this loss...I think it is a good idea if it is what she wants....no cat will EVER replace Angel in your home or your heart...but a new cat to love might ease the pain a bit.
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Carrie640 - I'm so sorry for your loss. We're new to cats, and our three are just five - seven months old. Hopefully they will be with us for a long time to come. I can't imagine what I would go through if we lost one of them.

I can TOTALLY understand that you feel nauseous at the thought of another kitty sitting where your Angel did. It sound to me like your mum is ready for a new companion - not to replace Angel, but a new baby to share lonely evenings with. It also sounds to me like were you in her shoes, you wouldn't be ready for a new kitten yet.

But I'm sure you'll love the new baby - and over time, you'll come to love her (or him) just as much as you loved Angel. Maybe not in the same way or for the same reasons - but because she's there for your mum.

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