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Mysterious fur appearing again.........

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Remember the story about Angel's fur mysteriously appearing on the welcome mat at the front door Monday morning?? Well, can I just tell you that it happened AGAIN but this time it was on the MIDDLE cushion of the sofa sleeper that Angel ALWAYS slept on. I am not even kidding.

How QUEER is that?!?!?
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That is very weird. But probably there is still some of her fur in the house and tufts of it are getting relocated by becoming attached to someone's clothes, shoes, etc... but then again, maybe it is something supernatural....I just don't know. I can see how you would feel it was odd, it would give me the chills if Merlin had crossed the bridge and I was still finding his fur in all of his favorite places. Maybe Angel is just trying to send you the message that she is okay and misses you!
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When my Yoda succumbed to congestive heart failure, he seemed to pass some of his spirit on to the other cats we take care of. I started to see a bit of Yoda in one of the strays, Hershey, that we used to let inside. Also, Roger, our new kitten, does many oddly Yoda-like things. I know that a cat is a cat and I'm only noticing these similarities because Yoda is no longer around; but it's pretty eerie sometimes! Even poignant.
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Ever since Leo passed away, Georgia has seemed to take on some of his cuter mannerisms. It is kind of eerie, since she never did them before. We like to say she learned her cutie-pie lessons well, but....
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