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Crafty, arty people needed!!

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As you all know, I'm flying to Australia next month, and bringing my bf to Germany at the end of my trip.

We are born 9 days apart, I will get there the day before his birthday!

Originally because of the move, he would like to bring his cds with him, so i was going to get him a big CD folder, stick a pirate picture on it and with glitter write his name at the top.

Because budget is tight, and I discovered he doesnt have a suitcase and I just happen to have one that I want to get rid of, but not throw in the bin! its still useful!

I want to put a pirate picture in the middle and write his name on the top, so it would be a very unique suitcase!

Thing is, I dont know what material I could write his name with. The suitcase is a fabric type. I would use glitter but I think it would look too girly. I wanted the name to be in some sort of Silver or Gold, to represent a treasure box.

I was thinking of getting beads and sewing them on, but I'm not too sure.

What are your suggestions?

P.s It cant be heavy
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You cold always try fabric paint. You should be able to find it at any craft store and you can get multiple colors.
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Yes, a nice dimensional fabric paint would work great -- the kind with a tiny thin tip, so you can write directly with it, rather than using a brush.
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That's what I was thinking - but make sure you know exactly what you're writing first, because that stuff is a HUGE pain to get out if you make a mistake!
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How bout stencil and paint? Make a stencil for the letters and you can even dual tone using a slightly smaller stencil (i.e. silver letters with gold border around them). Or do negatives (i.e. put letters cut out on the material, spray some color over the letters, remove the letters, and you have a splotch of color and letters have no color).

Or what about burning it in with a soldering iron? That's pretty manly (think treasure map on parchment). Please be careful with this though, both for your safety and material damage.
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I don't know how well dimensional fabric paint will hold up on a suitcase. The stencil idea sounds good though.

Could you perhaps do something interesting with a luggage tag though??
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Well i am not sure, I am laminating a pirate skull poster thing and getting my boss to sew it on with his powerful machine, on the top i am going to write
TRAVIS. I was thinking of either writing it with white pencil first and then sewing gold and silver beads on it, but my friend also suggested a stencil in really piraty writing.
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Well however it ends up it will certainly be a unique suitcase and one that is easy to spot!!
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