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Daily Thread 17.7.07

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OHHH where is the daily thread for today? Its a bit late isnt it??

Ive already been up and about, I had to go and get my passport renewed, had trouble at the consulate because my dad didnt do certain things and he didnt tell me to go and register my self in this country AT the consulate! oops... ANywya, I then went and picked up my Holiday Visa for Australia...

Everything is all ready to go, except i have to make my bf a present, pack my luggage and wait for PAYDAY!!!! and 5 more weeks to go!!!

Hope you all have a pleasurable day!
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I was thinking the same.. It seems nice out today sunny and warm, better than last nights thunderstorms..

I hope everyone has a nice day
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It started off a lovely morning; however it's now bucketing down. I'm thinking of checking myself into a spa for a few days; then at least I won't care about the weather if I'm getting pampered!

Exciting about heading to Oz fwan; I'm jealous!

Hope everyone has a good day
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Good morning everyone, coffee is ready
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Well, considering I usually start the Daily Thread when I get to work at 7, you were about an hour off....

Morning all! Thanks for the coffee Bea, I'll just grab some juice though. I know the others will appreciate it!

Guess we got a few peeps that could be looking for their 15 minutes today with this holiday. Maybe someone will get noticed and become famous!

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good morning

Kinah was being a pest this morning. She's been screaming in my ear since around 6am.

Ah well, another day at work. It's absolutely beautiful outside but I'll be stuck in an office until 5pm.

Just give me a few more minutes to wake up and I might be in a better mood. Until then, you might want to stay out of the way.
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Good morning everyone. I finally got my computer fixed, so now I can post. May rain today, but we have just had 2 days without rain and it was beautiful.

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!
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Just had my morning sneeze, breakfast and meds.

I think I'll go back to bed.
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I got up this am to thunderstorms and buckets of rain. Poopy because it's my day off and I could've slept in today! Oh well, we need the rain, just not so darn much of it. It's been raining on and off since yesterday and is supposed to continue until Thurs.
Neffie decided at 4am she wanted to play mouse mouse so I heard her meowing in the dinning room looking for someone to play with. Rocket willingly obliged her and they played quietly for awhile.
Dh just left for work. Now I think I need some coffee or to go back to bed..

Have a fantastic day everyone!
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This is my 100th post! Just had lunch; Harry is running riot around the place. Back to work for a few more hours then a nice relaxing evening planned ahead!
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I got to sleep in this morning except I kept dreaming that I'd overslept, so I was checking the alarm every half hour.
Might be a bit rainy here today.
Have a good one, folks!
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Good morning!

Got hubby off to work at 6:00am and went back to bed for a bit. Not much planned for the day except mowing the lawn. We've had rain just about every day since the middle of June but today's forecast is perfect: sunny and 26°C.
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morning all- today is a monday for me - no work yesterday since i was home sick lots to do today!

we got a big storm last night so its humid today and really gloomy- a good day for sleeping in!

have a good day
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Hmm, I got up at 7:15, fiance & I stopped by Sonic for breakfast on the way to work. The announced my "promotion" from the department today. Works been pretty slow (GOOD! I can keep up today!) The weather is nuts though! Currently 89ºF, feels like 96ºF!
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Well some evil kitties woke me up too early today so when they stopped I rolled back over until 10:30am.
Same thing different day. Molly's begging for treats every 15 minutes and the rest are sleeping.

I recorded a funny video of Benson going nuts last night but I don't know how to upload from the camera to the computer.

It's mom's late night at work so I get the house to myself & DH tonight.
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Another great day weather-wise here, sunny, breezy and just the right temp...Wow two in a row we're on a roll.

Not a overly busy day for me today, heading off to work for a couple of hours to do some purchase orders but after that I am free and clear for the rest of the day.

May go over to Walmart and do some shopping.

Kitties are good, having a snack right now they manage to convince me they where totally starved to death even though they had breakfast earlier.

Everyone have a good day.
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Good day all!

Neet - are you talking to us today!!! Awesome!! Yesterday was difficult. I expect to deal with weekeneds without you, but there was Monday morning and no one was there to Neet-a-fy me.

So far today I have spent over 2 hours on transit. Went to that meeting at Regional headquarters (waste of time) and now I am at work for less then 2 hour then home time.

Now I am trying to get some work done and still catch up here.

Hope everyone has a good day!
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Originally Posted by adymarie View Post
Good day all!

Neet - are you talking to us today!!! Awesome!! Yesterday was difficult. I expect to deal with weekeneds without you, but there was Monday morning and no one was there to Neet-a-fy me.
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Originally Posted by neetanddave View Post
Now Missy - don't you be starting that again!!!!
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She said there isn't a start what smilie so she can't reply
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Well another nice afternoon. We have had quite a stretch of cooler than normal for this time of year weather which is ok by me!!

Did some weeding in veg garden this am and worked in one of my other gardens too. Then had to drive Neil to oral surgeon and am relaxing now until he wakes up!! Might do some more gardening later today too.

Enjoy the rest of the day!!
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Originally Posted by icklemiss21 View Post
She said there isn't a start what smilie so she can't reply
Well she better be talking to me tomorrow!!!

I'm going home now.
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