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I've got a 14 year female persian who's getting crabbier by the day. She's never been particularly friendly or outgoing, but she's just been unbearable lately! And yes, she was checked out by a vet about 2 months ago.

For example: this morning my girlfriend held a treat out for her, she sniffed and licked it twice then went psycho and clawed her hand to death...

I did a google search and couldn't find much of anything on giving cats antidepressants. Is it common? A viable option? I certainly wouldn't want to do anything to harm her.
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I would talk to a vet about it. I have had them prescribed. It's not that uncommon anymore.

Did the vet do a full blood panel? "Cognitive" disorders are possible, but more often than not an "attitude" problem is related to a health issue.

When you google again, try "prozac veterinary" (no quotes) or "buspar veterinary" or "paxil veterinary" (again, no quotes)...there are a few others that are used sometimes.
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I know you said she went to the vet but did they do anything but a external exam??
When was your kitties last senior blood panel??? If over six months time for a new one ... Crabbiness is often the first sign of a "senior issue " in some cats
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Of course if I went this route, I would get a more in depth work up. I was just hoping for other's experiences with using antidepressants before talking to the vet.

Did they work for your cat? About how much did it cost? Etc...
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I used it for a 75lb dog ran me 30$ a month( about 9 yrs ago... it helped but today I use holistic "calming aids" ... cheaper safer and no RX needed
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Prozac was about $12 a month from the pharmacy or $18 a month from the vet (different forms of meds, same dosage). It worked, although with that one (and some of the others I believe) you need to be prepared for it to take a little while to start working, minimum 4 weeks.

I would recommend at minimum, basic lab work to help rule out the possible causes, especially at age 14.
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There was recently an article in The Toronto Star about vets now prescribing anti-depressants and such. It was not positive.

I have no experience such as the above poster, but I wouldn't give my animals drugs. Heck I don't even like taking drugs. I would be more inclined to try more natural remedies.

It is my personal belief (and I stress my PERSONAL belief) that we as a society are over-medicated due to doctors not being sure what's wrong with us and just "try" something. I saw this with my mom taking about 12 pills a day - I can't get behind this in any way and do not believe anyone needs to take 12 pills a day and now the vets have jumped on the bandwagon and have started dosing our pets.
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