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Sorry me and Mr Jinx have not been here

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I have been really busy with work at Papa Johns over the last few months. I lost my tire delivery job after an accident I had in November( I was found at fault, when I should not have been.) I have been making more money working 30 hours at Papa John's than I did with Henderson Tire( at 45 hours). I now get benefits and medical insurance. I am most likely going to be taking the promotion offer to become shift supervisor on the request of my new GM, who is the old Assistant Manager. He and the old General Manager( who I keep in touch with when I can) both think I should take it. At THIS point, I am still just a delivery guy, which I dont mind, as the area I work in is great and most people are good on tipping decently. By most I say about 98%. There is always the ghetto minded or white trash minded that dont know the concept of a minimum of 15% or 3 dollars. ANYWAYS. Mr Jinx is doing just fine, he had his checkup back in March and he is doing great. He handled the vets office like a trooper. He was carried off to the exam room looking over the shoulder of the vet tech to the operating room with his eyes fixed on me. I could watch his entire procedure from the window and he handled everything like a hero. He had his blood drawn, his shots, his ears cleaned out, etc. But did not so much as hiss at the vet or the nurses. This one instore girl, Sammi as we all call her( she is 17, and we all think of her as the store mascot), calls Mr Jinx a 'bandanna wearing sissy' as my aunt sent me some bandannas for him. She says I am being cruel to him by making him wear a bandanna, but he doesnt care. He is currently wearing a bandanna that has little chevy and ford logos on it. Even the vets thought it was adorable that a cat was willing to wear a bandanna. That is Mr Jinx though, not your typical cat, he is laid back, adaptable to change, and he acts like a little puppy dog. Anyways, I have not died, lol. Just been busy.
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yep sounds like you been busy,
but hey real life comes before the internet.
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Good to know you and Mr. Jinx are ok. I hope the new job goes well for you.
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Hey good to see you. I'm sure I speak on behalf of all of us here when I say that we would love to see pictures of Mr. Jinx wearing one of his designer bandanas in the Fur Picture Forum.
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