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The fleet had been making progress. Slow progress. These aliens
that attacked out of nowhere had decimated the fleet. Admiral Winters sur-
veyed the damage on his display.
\tA member of his bridge crew spoke up. "Sir?" The voice brought him out
of his thoughts.
\t"yes ensign," he responded.
\t"Sir, the Adamant and the Resolve report heavy damage and have to fall-
back to repair." The young ensign was fresh out of academy and behaved as such
He maintained his salute the whole time.
\t" At ease, ensign." Admiral Winters chuckled to himself. Was it
that long ago he was in his position?? It had to be at least 30 years since he
graduated. He bore the age of responsibility a flagship commander needed, The
lines of wisdom on his face, the glint in his eye that could convey a million
words if need be.
\tThe ensign relaxed. "Admiral," the young man continued," Adamant
reports heavy damage to launch bays, engines and life support. Resolve
reports massive damage to launch bays, weapons and navigation systems."

\t"Damn," Winters cursed to himself. After the last attack, the
Adamant and Resolve were to be the flanking ships in his tactic. The
the Imperial needed those two.
\tAdmiral Winters spoke up. " Which battle cruisers do we have to
take their place?"
\tThe tactical officer looked down at his screen, a concerned look
crossed his face. "Sir," he gulped, " I have Indomitable and Patriot in the
next highest class of ship, but for your plan to work sir, they do not have
the fire power we need."
\t" They will have to do," Winters responded. " what is our ETA to the
opposition's battle fleet??"
\t" Approximately 20 minutes." The tactical officer responded.
\t" Excellent" Winterss grinned slightly. Pressing a button on his
chair, he called for all his department heads for a briefing.

\t"The situation," Admiral Winters spoke up. " Is grim to say the least,
these attackers have defensive AND offensive capabilities beyond our own."
He drew in a deep breath and exhaled. " Here is what we have so far, our main battle
cruisers outclass all but their main ships." He closed his eyes briefly. " We are down to
three main battle cruisers." He gestured to the display on the wall behind him. " Us," he
pointed to the blip named Iron Will. " The Indomitable, and the Patriot. Resolve and Adamant were
heavily damaged in the last attack, and had to pull back to Earth."

\tOne of the department heads spoke up. It was a commander from Tactical. She was in her early
thirties. " Sir," she said. " If we and those two are all we have left, how can we defeat 8 main
battle cruisers of their size?" She had a concerned look on her face.
\t"Excellent question," he responded. " That is why I have a member of Black Ops here consulting."
The volume in the room grew slightly with mumbles and hushed comments. "Alright everyone." Winters motioned
with both hands to quiet down. " Agent Stevens?"

\tA man of about forty, with neatly trimmed brown hair and dressed in a black version of the
standard blue uniform stepped to the spot where Admiral Winters was standing. " I can understand your
unease with me being here," He said in a low voice. He stood tall with his hands behind his back.
" But, I can assure you that what I am about to tell you will make a difference." He pressed the
display with his fingers and brought up schematics of the ships in question. " All flagships in the last
two generations have been built with a last ditch effort." He touched the display again. " This,"
he continued, " is it." The display showed what appeared to be a superlaser.
" This is the Mark 6 superweapon." He motioned again and the display showed another detailed schematic of
the weapon. " Black Ops supervised the construction of the previous two generations of main battle
cruisers after the colonial uprising. The determintation to install this superweapon was a difficult one."
He lowered his head slightly. " The problem with them is, after six generations of development there is still
a major flaw in the design."

This is all I have so far. BTW, sorry I have not been on here, things have been hectic at work and I have been busy with other things. Mr Jinx, my buddy is doing quite well, however, this one girl that works at the Papa John's store I deliver for has taken to calling him a "bandanna wearing sissy" because I have some cute little bandannas that my aunt sent me for him. they slip around his collar so they dont bother him at all. Anyways I missed coming on here and all.