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Male Cat Neutering!!

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My family and I are soon going to be purchasing an Exotic Shorthair. However, we still have yet to decide on the sex. I understand that neutering a kitten during the stages of 5-6 months before it is mature is the best time. But I was just wondering if there would still be a tendency for him to spray during adulthood? I have had a Persian female cat, and she was great and "calm". However, a breeder has told us that males are more affectionate and 99% after being neutered they usually don't spray.

And also, if we do purchase a male kitten, he will be the only cat in the household. Will this decrease his chances of spraying? Also, he will be an indoor cat.

Thankss =]
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You don't say where you're living so it depends on that what age you can get your cat neutered at. In the USA you can get it done younger than 5-6 months depending on the weight of the cat. I live in Ireland and vets won't do it before 6 months.

I have a 14 weeks old male kitten and so far he hasn't sprayed. I'm just praying he won't start before I can get him neutered. Cats spray to mark their territory; once neutered the males lose that tomcat instinct so in my experience they don't tend to spray post-op. I could be wrong on this but out of 2 other male cats I've had they were fine.

And yes they are unbelievably affectionate post-op! My mother has a 13 year old male that was our family pet until I moved out; he is so adorable. He is much much friendlier than her female cat.
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