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My cat peed on our friends 4 year old!

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I'll try to keep this short - We have a 10 year old male neutered cat, oldest of 4 cats in the house. He's always been the dominant one but has faced some severe stress maintaining that when I got married and my wife moved in, bringing 2 of the 4 with her. Long story short, he is on prozac for his behavioral problems and the stress from the other kitties (it was making him ill).

So, a friend of ours came by with her 4 year old and he found it to be pretty fun to chase the cats around with a pillow. Normally the cats realize that kids are up to no good and they hide, which happened this time as well. The boy fell asleep on our couch for a couple hours and, when she carried him out to the car later that night she said that he had cat pee on him! My wife and I spent a good long time inspecting and sniffing the couch/pillow to verify and couldn't find anything. Today on the phone our friend said that she had to wash cat pee off of his clothes and neck. So, how likely is it that my cat perched himself on top of the boy while he was laying there and peed on his neck with a direct hit? More my concern is that my wife and I are considering having a child and I question how our older cat will react to that.

Thanks in advance for any comments.
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Can't help you because I don't have any children and my cats have never peed on anyone, but I'll be interested to hear what everyone has to say.
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It's possible he peed on the kid. But if you handle it right, you shouldn't have to worry about your own child. There are things you can do to accustom your cats to a new baby, and get them to accept the baby as part of the family. You should be able to find some good articles by googling "introducing new baby to cats" or something like that.
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The child should not have been permitted to chase cats. No one saw the cat pee on the child; you didn't smell it. I'm not so sure it happened. But if it did, I think the cat was not pleased with being chased. Or he liked the kid and wanted to mark him.

You shouldn't have a problem with a child of your own. The cat will have 9 months to get used to the idea and your child will not chase him.

Good luck. Tell your friend to use an enzyme cleaner on her 4-year-old's clothes.
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