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Kitten kitten kitten

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My new babe, Sherman Grey. I have to brag to everyone.

p.s. if any are too big, please resize if needed!
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Oh my goodness!! He is so adorably cuute! I love the last picture!
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awww..there's no resisting that face!!!
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Awww He's cute!
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aww look at that pink nose... he's too precious
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He's adorable...look at that pink nose
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Aww! What a sweet little baby!
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What an adorable little guy.
I love the last picture.
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What a heartbreaker Soo gorgeous, such a cutie
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Hello & welcome to TCS. What a little cutie, like everyone else the sleeping pic is gorgeous.
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Hee hee, I love when they sleep with their arms outstretched like that!
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aww what a little cherub for sure
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Hi miao_kitty,
Your kitten is just to cute!

I know you from another board don't I? Don't you have ferrets??
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