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Cat stress relief - advice needed

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Hi All,

I'm hoping somebody can provide me with some helpful advice. My cat will be turning 16 next month, has always been very affectionate, and has lived w/ other pets in the past (although he is much more affectionate as an only pet). My wife and I, however, just purchased a puppy a few weeks ago and the cat has become somewhat more sheltered and has begun to vomit somewhat as well.

Can somebody please provide me with some advice as to how to relieve my cat's stress a bit? I understand the situation won't be perfect, but the cat is very healthy and I don't want his life to deteriorate because of the family's new addition. Prior to the puppy, and even with the puppy, he seems like he can go on another five years, but I don't like the fact that he is getting sick.

Any advice that anyone may be able to provide as to how I can relieve the cat's increased stress levels (which I believe to be the cause of the vomiting) would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
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Your cat needs a vet visit asap. Changing routines on cats, anything affecting their environment can stress them out. Stress causes illness. Even though you believe your cat is healthy, chances are she isn't and the addition of another animal could be why.
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I agree. Sometimes there could be some problem there and it takes a stressful event to uncover it. If he checks out ok you could try a Feliway diffuser to calm them or Bach's Rescue Remedy in their water/food (two drops). I'm using that with mine, and everyone's been very calm lately.
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