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Heh, Patrick's middle name seems to be "Knucklehead" because that's what I usually say after his name. Pete...I can't think of one for him. Same with Buddy, Spock, Andy, Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

However, Buddy's nickname is "Bud-Bud." Spock's is either "Baby Girl," "Little Girl," or "Mama." I call Hermione "Mione" sometimes. And the occasional "Petey" slips out when I'm talking to Pete.
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Jasmine Marie Diana
Hobbes Charlemagne
Wilhelm Sanchez ("Willi" for short)
Loki Flores (a joke; flores=Spanish for "flowers"; Loki eats them, so I can't have plants in the house)
Margaret Ann Elena (Marge=Mother-In-Law; Ann is my middle name and hers; Elena is Mom's middle name)

I haven't thought of middle names for the others yet!
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Left to right of the sig:

Molly is Mollyanna Meowmy's last name
Bobby is Bobby (Meowmy's last name as a middle name) Purpa's-last-name
Slayer is Fernslayer Marie Meowmy's-last-name
Slaine is Slaine Elizabeth Meowmy's-last-name
Talin is Talin William Purpa's-last-name

(By long standing agreement, sons get daddy's last name and daughters get mommy's last name in our "family")
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Originally Posted by Frisk View Post
Woot, so I'm not crazy!
Dude, seriously. That's nothing to be proud of.

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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Trout's middle name is Palacio
Trout, sweetie you are still gorgeous!

I love your new sig!
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Somehow they did end up gaining middle names, but DH never calls them that.

Chloe Belle (she's a diva, it seems to fit her)
Iris Anne
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Originally Posted by Frisk View Post
Just curious!

I think pets, being part of the family, should have middle names too! Frisco's middle name is Leo. I thought it was perfect for him as he was born around August 6th making him a Leo in the zodiac and it also sounds good with his first name.

Lets hear your cats middle names!

(Hope I'm not the only one who does this LOL)
Emma Tate. No, I'm not kidding. When she was a kitten she "emmatated" everythign Chili did, right down to cleaning her butt and how many times to paw at the litter. She is one of those cats born with almost no kitty instincts.. poor thing had to learn it all from Tom and Chili.

Chili Lily and Tom Grey are the other two kitties' names.
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I have BobCat Mitchell and Bickford Rosdower. The middle names come from characters in Mystery Science Theater 3000 movies ("Mitchell" and "Final Sacrifice" respectively). Both Mitchell and Rosdower are, shall we say, beefy and my cats are large Maine Coon mixes.
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I named my late cat Henry Chester. Chester was from the cat in the Bunnicla series (They were my favorite books at the time). He and Chester seemed to have that sassy attitude.
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Here are mine:
Puffy Joe
Monica Louise (AKA Mokie or Moo)
Jasper Enni

Little Puff , Riku, Kitten, and Mickey are still waiting for middle names...
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Of course they have middle names!
Sophia Maria (Sophie Marie)
Mollie Brown
Cosmo Topper (Big 'Mo)
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But of course my cat has a middle name. Popsie Thadius
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