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I think she came back

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please don't think I am silly but I think my kitten that died last night visited me, I was laying on the couch on my stomach trying to taking a nap earlier and I felt something walk along my back and sit on my shoulders, Rascal liked to sit on my back and chew on my ear and play with my hair, my girls are gone for the night and my other 2 cats were outside, even if it was just my imagination I like to think it was her.

P.S. Do you think my older kitten Peaches understands that she is gone? He played with her all the time, my grown up cat Booja wanted nothing to do with her so I don't think she could care.
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i dont doubt it. I have had a couple of things happen, One of which my mother and wife both saw.

I am sure the kitten just wanted to check on you
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The day after my sweet Wilda died, when we were burying her, I kept seeing her out of the corner of my eye. It happened probably six times that day, and several times I felt her brush against my legs but no kitty was there when I looked down.

I'm torn when thinking about the Rainbow Bridge... I believe our little ones never really leave us.

I'm sorry for the loss of your family's kitten.

Originally Posted by KariCassie View Post
...P.S. Do you think my older kitten Peaches understands that she is gone?...
Probably Peaches will look for her.

It took our kitty Oberon a week before it sank in that his companion Wilda was gone. He sat on the bed and yowled and yowled like his heart was breaking. He was very sad for a long time, but they were together for 15 years.
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I don't think you're silly at all. I've had similar experiences, and so have a lot of people I've met, online and offline. A neighbor who lost a kitty to heart disease several years ago said that for the first few weeks after the kitty crossed over, she'd feel her curl up beside her and purr every night.

I want to post a link to a topic where I posted some links to information, when someone else asked a similar question. Please forgive me for not retyping all this, but I'm so tired I'm having trouble hitting the right keys:


My message there mentions a couple of books that are very helpful, in addition to the links to sites about ADCs or after-death communications.

I want to respond, too, to something SwampWitch said:

I'm torn when thinking about the Rainbow Bridge... I believe our little ones never really leave us.

The first book on this subject that I read after my Sinbad went to Rainbow Bridge four and a half years ago was animal communicator Amelia Kinkade's Straight From The Horse's Mouth. According to what she wrote, our pets on the other side have lots of freedom and options. They can visit us, spend time with other animals, or spend time with our human loved ones on the other side -- and they travel at the speed of thought.

I love the Rainbow Bridge story, but I don't believe our pets are sort of "stuck" in some kind of borderland on the other side, till we're reunited with them. They're experiencing heaven. Rainbows are associated with heaven in lots of mythologies, for obvious reasons, and some people who have had NDEs, near-death experiences, have seen rainbows rather than the more common white light (the rainbow after all is just the white light broken into colors). People who have NDEs often report being greeted by animals, and a pediatrician who's studied children's near-death experiences, Dr. Melvin Morse -- he's written several books that are fascinating reading -- says some children report going through an "animal heaven" on their way to "human heaven." But I'd interpret that as meaning they're greeted by animals on the other side, who might seem more welcoming, less threatening, than people might. One of the psychic mediums studied by Dr. Gary Schwartz at the University of Arizona, George Anderson, has written about pets' spirits and says they often do greet people when they cross over, especially children. (HBO did a documentary on Schwartz's research, Life Afterlife, years ago, and he wrote a book about it, too, The Afterlife Experiments. It didn't go into any detail about pets' spirits, though with one subject who was read, the mediums independently sensed and described a little dog's spirit. The George Anderson book that has a chapter on pets and the afterlife is, if I recall correctly, Lessons from the Light.)

LOL. This was going to be a shorter message, and I hope it's coherent; I'm half asleep. But at least this is shorter than it would have been if I'd copied in the info from that other reply...

Thanks for telling us about the visit from Rascal. I love stories like that.

I'm so sorry you lost her. It hurts so much to lose a furbaby, especially one so young, and losing one suddenly is even harder. But she visited to let you know she's okay, to comfort you, and I hope you'll tell your girls about the visit. Rascal is playing happily at the Bridge, and she's always aware of you and able to visit, and you will see her again someday.

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lol My wife the first time we came to visit American thought she saw a black cat sitting in the window, and mom as asking where was teh cat she headed meowing.

that was no cat in the house at that time. The wife said several times that during the night she felt something light jump on the bed. accross her, and then lay down next to me.

i kinda do think it was my RB kitty that came back to check on me after i had been gone from the house for a very long time before coming back.
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Do you think she will come back again or is it just a one time thing? Sometimes when I walk past a blanket on the floor I still expect to see her curled up sleeping on it.
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I wouldn't be at all surprised if Rascal visits again, including in dreams -- dream-visit ADCs tend to be unusually vivid dreams you don't forget -- but it's impossible to predict or guarantee. I hope she will.

Your girls are likely to have such experiences, too, and that's one reason I suggested you tell them what you experienced, since often people are reluctant to mention their experiences, and when they finally do they find out they've happened to other people as well. (I remember being reluctant to mention this sort of thing to a neighbor who'd lost her husband and then their little dog in the year before I first brought this up to her, but as soon as I asked her if she'd ever dreamed of her husband, she smiled and said, "You might think I'm crazy, but I think he's been coming back..." and she told me of waking more than once to find that the kitchen light was on and there were noises from the kitchen, as when he'd be up in the middle of the night to get a snack, though the light she saw in the hall would be off again by the time she reached the kitchen. An aunt of mine has had similar experiences since losing her husband. That neighbor has also felt the dog jump on her bed and settle down to sleep on the pillow beside hers. It turned out her grown daughter had also been getting visits, but for months neither the widow nor her daughter spoke of them, until finally her daughter brought them up, which was good, since it comforted them even more to know what the other was experiencing.)

My best guess would be that Rascal was particularly eager to comfort you, partly as a way of thanking you for trying so hard to save her, and she wanted to make sure you knew she was all right now.

I believe our loved ones on the other side always want to comfort us, but people seem to vary a lot in how aware they are of such attempts (how psychic or intuitive they are), and they often tend to brush aside such experiences (partly because they're worried other people will think it's delusional). And I think some spirits are a bit better than others at communicating.

Children, especially very young children, seem to be more open to such experiences. Their brains tend to produce a lot of theta waves, just as animals' brains do, and it often seems that both kids and animals are more aware of spirits, and visits. I know people who've lost pets whose children have a lot more visits from the pet than the parent does (I'd better rephrase that -- I don't think they're actually being visited more; they're just more aware of the visits). In one case a woman was startled to discover her youngest daughter had seen the dog they'd lost with the different coloring she'd had when very young, before her daughter was born, coloring her daughter wasn't at all familiar with.

But adults can regain some of that ability if they meditate a lot, since that will make your brain produce more theta waves, and people who have meditated a lot, any type of meditation, seem to have more ADCs.

The brain also tends to produce more theta waves when you're in that twilight state between waking and sleeping, and that's when these experiences are more likely to happen, too. (This is also a very creative time, when the solutions to problems are more likely to come to you.)

You don't have to be naturally psychic or an experienced meditator or even really open to these experiences to have them, though. And I especially love it when someone I meet who'd previously been very skeptical of them has an ADC that's so clear it's pretty much impossible to continue doubting.

It's wonderful when people admit to those experiences, too, since so often people will keep any ADC experiences to themselves that most people don't realize how common they are. I've read about surveys showing that quite a few people have had them, and it's an especially high percentage for people who've lost a spouse (like my widowed aunt, and that neighbor of mine; and in my aunt's case, her grown son, who lives with her to help take care of her, has also heard and seen things that convince him that his dad is visiting).

ADCs tend to be more common on significant dates, too, such as the anniversary of a death, or your loved one's birthday or your own. And they tend to be more common when someone is stressed and in more need of comfort.

I wish everyone had these experiences, and from every loved one they lose. But grief can often block them, just when you need them most, and any kind of stress can block them, probably because it makes that type of brain wave pattern less likely. ADC experiences are also less likely for people who are on drugs that affect the brain (they've done studies of dying patients who reported being visited by loved ones on the other side before they crossed over themselves, and they found that it was the people who weren't drugged as much, who were more lucid, who had more such experiences; again, this was probably because of the drug's effect on brain wave patterns).

Dr. Melvin Morse's books, as I said last night, are particularly interesting. He started out very skeptical of near death experiences, but the more he studied the experiences his young patients had, the more convincing he found them, and he also learned more about ADCs in general. He has a website


which has some very interesting articles, too, especially here:


Whoops, that's also the index page, which is apparently a frame for every page there after the first one. Here's a direct link to that page, the Downloads page you'll find a link for on the left side of the frame:

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I don't doubt that she came back to visit. My Phideaux made sure to say goodbye to everyone.

Phideaux had always been my dad's cat, but after my parents had been divorced a while and dad had to move away for work, he left her with me and my mom. She was sixteen and two months when she passed peacefully in my mom's lap late one night, and when I called Dad to tell him, he said, "I know, she came to say goodbye last night." About the time she passed, Dad felt her jump up on the bed and curl up on his hip, as she always had. He said "goodbye old girl" and the feeling was gone.

I'm so sorry for your losses, but it must be comforting to know that they've come back to check on you!
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My precious Fred comes around occasionally, especially if I am sick. I will feel him curl up in his spot beside me. Scooter lays there sometimes, and I have seen him lift his head up in a way that looks like he is nose to nose with another cat.
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