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I dont think my cat is really neutered

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When my kitty Otis was a few months less than a year old (I think?) I got him fixed. We lived in a small town with one vet and it only cost me 35 bucks to get it done. Now that he is about 2 years old I don't think the procedure worked. He sprays a lot now that we have moved to a new house always in the same spot in the hallway. The biggest thing I wonder is if he might have gotten out and get the next door cat (who is an outdoor cat) pregnant!! Otis is a Orange and White tabby cat but instead of stripes he has distinct circles of white in his coat and so does one of the baby kittens next door. He has also been meowing out the window a lot at them lately when they are on their porch and its starting to get annoying. This little kitten looks soooo much like Otis I really wonder if maybe he is the daddy. Does anyone know if its possible for the neutering procedure not to work or maybe they didn't do it right, I know he got an infection from licking the wound a lot and he was sick after having it done but something just dosent seem right to me.
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My neutered cat sprays occasionally, so that doesn't necessarily mean anything. But, it is possible the surgery was not done correctly. The only way to really know for sure is to have a vet look at it.
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Thanks for the input. I guess we will just have to find a vet around here. Ive been neglecting his vet visits he hasnt been to one in a while.
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I have had many cats done with no issue but being on cat sites long enough I have seen a few scattered cases of only one testicle had descended and the vet didn't go search for the other...The vet should be able to run a hormone test to see if its elevated. the brief encounters with unneutered cats I have had all showed signs of mating(stuffed animals, toys, me....sigh...) did you get Otis from the same area you live...possibly the kittens father is the same as his?
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Not from the exact same area, about a 25 mile difference. Otis was a barn cat and part of very many litters they had A LOT of cats and kittens there when we picked him out but there could be a chance that someone else here in our park got a cat from them. I just think its so weird to see another cat with the circles like he has. I have been around cats my whole life and never seen another tabby cat look like him before. He is big too, like he has huge paws and it almost hurts for him to walk across my body when I'm in bed or something like that. Also when he was a kitten he had a lot of "eye boggers" lol and the vet I took him to said he had Feline herpes which I had never heard of before and he made me give him meds for it. I also noticed that both kittens next door have the eye boogers too which I guess could be an outdoor cat thing.
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I'd love to see pictures of these circles of his...
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If you give me a moment I can post pics of him I have to go find him first
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Ok our camera hasn't been working so Ill just share some pics of him that I already have. I don't know if any of these really show his circles or not but maybe you can get an idea of what he looks like at least

This one you can kinda see how his stripes do a circle pattern
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wow sorry those are so big!!
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I had a neutered male that was done years ago and still smelled ... I would find a vet( word of mouth is best) and ask for a through exam
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He sure is a beautiful boy. Something about orange tabbys with the white, just stands out so nicely.
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Thats what made me pick him out of all the other kittens. He just stood out so much and he looked so cute. I could have taken them all home if my hubby would have let me. I want to get another one but Im too scared he wont be able to adjust to sharing the house with another kitty.
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He's very handsome.

A few things...

I also have (2) neutered boys that spray on occasion. I only have 3 males, so that's most of them.

I also have neutered boys that will mount and "mate" (albeit unproductively) with my intact girl (unspayable, heart problems...long story).

I also have an orange cat with white swirls...I think that's called "classic tabby". There are some good example pics on this page

In reference to what ryanjay said about undecended testicles, that does happen. In that case, when they are neutered the vet needs to "find" the testicle in the abdomen and remove it from there (incision in the belly area). As I understand it, a testicle that is retained in the body is too hot to produce viable sperm. It would still have an effect on behavior and hormonal things, an intact tom cat. My Beandip had to have an undescended testicle removed.

I hope I have my genetics correct, but...If that orange kitten next door is a female, she would *have* to have an orange/red father. If it's a male, there are many more possibilities. That's my understanding anyway. The only way to produce an orange female is with 2 parents carrying red (orange), ie. orange dad and orange mom... or orange dad with a tortie mom, etc.

He may be spraying just because of the presence of those other cats outside. Were there cats around outside where you lived previously?
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I'm sure there were, we lived in an apartment building but compared to the flimsy trailer we live in now I don't think he would have been able to actually see other cats like he can here. Oh and the mother cat next door is an orange cat too but a lot lighter than Otis and the kitten. She is a beautiful cat, she looks like a Manecoon (sp?) or some type of long haired cat. So I guess maybe the kitten could be anyones baby I kinda almost wished that it was Otis's so then I knew he wasn't fixed and then I could get a female cat and have kittens lol.
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