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Cats with Allergies

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Does anyone have experience with cats getting summer allergies? I know mine are rampant right now with sneezing and sinus headaches. I'm worried about my boy, but am always worried about him - I almost lost him after an anesthesia reaction in January that was for a simple test which proved negative anyway.

I have a Purrr...fect fence, and he loves to be outside, but the past week he stopped going outside and has opted for sleeping quietly in odd places. He wasn't like this a week ago when it was hot and the house was closed with the A/C on. Then he was in and out and seemed fine. Now with the windows open he's sleepy and laying funny. Looks exhausted, and to be honest, he seems like he has a headache. I massaged his skull a bit for him and he didn't leave. He's not eating much dry food, I think it is possibly that he can't smell it well - and tends to vomit with lots of mucous after he eats his dry food now. With the Nutro he finally stopped doing that, it's big enough that he chews, and rarely throws up anymore. I've been feeding him canned and that he likes, smells, and digests fine. He just isn't himself. Has a bit of excess eye crud, and lays around like he doesn't feel good, sometimes in a hot closet.

I'm having trouble getting a hold of the vet... and the assistants won't tell me what I can try. Vet called while I was gone, of course, and said she would try tomorrow (I will be gone in the a.m.) and if he keeps acting strange to make an appointment. I don't know what they'll see in an appt - other than an anxious cat who didn't enjoy the ride.

I'm scared, of course, but it's not like he's not Buddy. He went outside before (it has rained) and I picked him up and we surveyed the garden together and he purred. So it isn't like he's laid up. Am I just worrying too much? I don't want to try the benadryl without the vet's ok. I'm so scared because I just can't lose my boy. ... any input?

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My cats really seem to have had allergy reactions this year. Clear liquid from the eyes, all five were sneezing about the same time a few months ago, etc. My 9 year old has not seemed to be himself and seems to not feel well sometimes, but the vet has not found anything wrong.

I would not medicate with anything until you speak with a vet. Follow your instincts. If you feel something may be wrong, it is far better to get things checked out at the vet office. None of my cats are on medication right now, they are all indoor and I have been trying to keep things cleaned and dusted as much as I can.

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The vet can tell from bloodwork if allergies are a problem for your cat. With our unusually wet spring/early summer, many people and pets are suffering.
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I was wondering if I should invest in an air purifier. Yes, I'd do that for him I had a vaporizer going last fall when our new kitten gave him some kind of rhinovirus =( He seems much better tonight. I have the furnace/ac fan on tonight, so the air is at least filtered. He has been laying in front of a vent now and washing his face - which really eases my mind. He has looked so tough lately, and he seems much more relaxed tonight. I'm so uneasy.

After losing his sister early last year, I was completely devastated. Then nearly losing him this year, I'm absolutely terrified that something could happen to him. However... when they sent me to the animal hospital for tests to see what was wrong with his sinuses, he nearly died during the tests, so stuff always hasn't been working out right for us. My baby boy is 11.

Thank you so much. If I actually get a hold of the vet I'll let you all know what she says.

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Originally Posted by Mom of 4 View Post
The vet can tell from bloodwork if allergies are a problem for your cat. With our unusually wet spring/early summer, many people and pets are suffering.
I didn't know that bloodwork would show summer allergies. He is a very good boy as far as blood tests, he just doesn't like it, as I'm sure you all understand
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I don't think they can test him for hay-fever type allergens through blood work. In humans it involves scratch tests and such. He is doing a bit better tonight, the fan running through the furnace filter is on and the windows are closed, but I'm still concerned.

Is there any symptoms I should watch for that may be from something more serious?

thank you
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i've never had my cats tested for allergies, but i know raven has some sort of seasonal allergies. he gets sneezy. i haven't been able to open our windows without suffering horrible sinus headaches, so both me and raven have been much less sneezy with the windows shut and AC on. my husband makes sure we buy the super good 3M furnace filter that filters everything, even cigarette smoke out. that in itself helps a lot.

i also try to use a dust free litter and vacuum 2-3 times a week. last weekend i went on a dusting spree. i also washed our bedroom curtains and vacuumed the blinds.
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Thank you. What does Raven do when it is bothering him? Buddy has been sitting under my bed table or in the closet to sleep. Maybe the air is more still there. It just scares me to see him all balled up in a warm closet! I've got the sinus headaches, dry eyes, and occasional sneezies as well, so that's why I'm thinking... I have a 6" Aprilaire filter that really helps, I'm glad you found that big 3M one. I replace the big honkin' one once a year, but maybe I will vacuum it out just to give it a bit of extra oomph for the summer.

I was looking at air purifiers yesterday. Might help me as well. I built the cat enclosure and he rarely goes out there now, but I think I know why. Not only is it the season, but as a natural way to kill the grass... I put thick layers of grass clippings down. I know after I was done mowing and hauling I needed a shower to get the stuff out of my hair and stop sneezing... I probably made things even worse out there. I'll watch him closely. He enjoys the special attention and wet food anyway, those are our special times.

I've never noticed this before (he is 12) but we have had a lot of changes since his sister died last year.. and also finding out that he has a stenosis back behind his nose. I know now that the vomiting is *not* normal, so I may not have paid any attention before. And he and Cilla always slept all curled up anyway - and he's always breathed heavy. It wasn't till January when I found out why. And he almost died after the test because of the anesthesia. I am so grateful that he was strong and hung on, but now I'm very paranoid, I need him very much. And I am an overprotective mommy

I feel terrible that he could've had this for all these years and I never noticed.

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Originally Posted by ginamarina View Post
Thank you. What does Raven do when it is bothering him?
Raven sneezes a lot. It's very noticeable. He also makes it obvious if I've neglected the vacuuming.

I would definitely get your kitty in for a checkup. It sounds like he's hiding and not feeling well, and cats are excellent at disguising problems.
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