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I think this is a good place for me to browse....drinking a glass of wine, listening to jazz and cruising the cat lounge.....
What are you all doing to unwind tonight??
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Not much going on here tonight. Went for a nice walk after supper, gave hubby a quick haircut, now it's almost time for a cup of tea and some relaxing time with my two cats and a bit of tv.

How exciting, huh?
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Haha I came home and feel asleep cause i was so bored So tonite I have to finish cleaning and change the litter boxes, its garbage night tonite so I will have to unwind later tonite, which I might throw in a movie to watch But of course thats after I browse here for a while
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Hmm, a glass of wine sounds lovely to unwind tonight. Unfortunately I have none left. Either way, I'm just relaxing in the chair surfing this site - I love it. I'm also wondering where my fiance has run off to - he was going to the neighbor's house to fix their car.
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Haven't had much excitement tonight. We've been keeping an eye on our neighbour's cat as he's unwell, but apart from that, just pottering around. Having a cup of tea now to unwind.
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