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Depressed cat?

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Hey everyone! I've had my baby since he was a kitten, and now hes about a year old. I moved to Seattle for college in may, and my mom calls me telling me that he is always meowing or waiting by the door. It makes me feel sad because i cant bring him as much as i want to (no pets allowed). he got neutered a couple of days ago and from what i hear he has been really depressed and emotionless. They told me that he just stares blankly into space, and according to my mom he had tears falling from his eyes. I feel so bad. I wish i was there for him, and i hope he doesnt think i abandoned him.

Can anyone give me advice as to how i can make him feel better? My mom takes good care of him, and she babies him alot. But ever since hes been nuetered he's been really depressed.
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I don't know. Mitten (my first cat) was pretty attached to me. I remember my mom telling me how Mit would just sit in the window watching for me to come home (from a week's vacation at the ocean) and not really eating.

She wanted to keep him after I married, but I told her that Mitten would have to come with me cause he would probably stop eating if not around me.

Any chance you can stop in a visit every week or every other week?
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Cats don't cry so he might have an infection -- a "cat cold" that's making his eyes weepy. Also don't judge behavior so soon after an operation. Sometimes the anesthetic can have after effects that take a while to wear off.

If you can't visit more, how about making a video of yourself talking to him, or even just a recording of your voice, that your mom can play for him?
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O, poor thing, he probably needs an article of clothing that you wore (don't wash) that has your scent on it and put in his favorite sleeping spot. This will help a lot. And like the other poster said (video of you that your mom can play for him) and put up a picture of you in his favorite spot.
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Thanks alot. I'm getting so stressed not being able to be there for him. I called up my mom again today to know how he was doing. I'm living in WA now, but i used to live in NY so to go visit often is not really an option. My mom had to fumigate the house and he had to stay over my boyfriend's mother's house. He told me that he told his mom to let him out of the cage and he said he put some food in his cage, but when i talked to him about it this morning he told me that his mother left him in the cage ALL NIGHT LONG! with no water and just a little tiny bit of food!

I was so pissed off. My mom said that she called him early in the morning after she cleaned up so that he could go back home ASAP and when they were opening the cage he just busted out and ran to my old room. She said that he had pee on his back and he had pooped in the cage and everything. I felt so bad for him. I DOUBT. this is ideal for post op care. Then she told me that they tried to was off some of the pee but they put him under the faucet. !!!!! OH my god. I can only imagine what he is going through :|
I've given him bath's before but i always fill up a bucket with luke warm water and then i wet him a bit and shampoo him. but i NEVER have the faucet on.
My Boyfriend told me that my mother had the water on cold to top evertyhing off.

Poor him, I bet hes so stressed right now. On the brightside, hes back at my old house now. My mom said that after she dried him off he drank tons of water, and he ate some food, but now hes just sleeping. Hopefully he feels better now.

Thanks alot for replying, i appreciate the support.
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When I was in med school my parents kept my two cats for the first year. My boy, Bud, would frequently go into my room looking for me. Sometimes when I'd call my mother would hold the phone up near them and I would talk really loud in it and she said they would perk up and listen. Also, both she and I would call when no one was home and talk to them through the answering machine (if you have one of the kind that you can hear the messages out loud as they're being left).
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