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Kitten update :)

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Well Kitten is doing very good!
Here are a couple of pics.

Looking for his bottle LOL.

Exploring the sofa!
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Awww What an adorable little guy!
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Aw, too adorable for words. I just love orange tabby kittens.
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Awww, he's adorable!!!
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OMG!! I am in LOVE!!!! I just want to kiss the computer screen he's soooo adorable!!
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That first photo just melts my heart!!!
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Look at that precious face
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that first picture is so cute, how can you resist? bless
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He is cute isn't he??
I don't know if I can give him to someone once he is old enough

When I got Waz my black kitty, I was looking for an orange kitty. So 6 yrs later I find one in my own back yard.....

I don't know.......... I keep telling my self "No you already have 2 kittys AND 3 dogs LOL. But for some reason it isn't working!
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He's adorable.
I'd just love to kiss the top of that little orange head.
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Oh my god, that first picture has me practically welling up!!! Sooooo cute!!
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He's just too cute for words, & looks like he's going to have semi-long hair, my favorites. What do the other kitties think of him. Blossom, my 10 m/o kitten rules the roost with my dogs & they've known her since she was 3 w/o. Her & Sooty, the younger dog, are always causing havoc in the house while playing & chasing each other.
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