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What lemon-scented air freshener do you use?

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It doesn't matter what we do, Munchie won't stop scratching the carpet in the two places she has decided are her scratching post.

We don't use water - we do make noise when she does it. She immediately stops, but the next time, she's right back in the same place.

We've tried spraying those two areas of the carpet with various types of air fresheners. It has not helped at all.

Same with biting at the shades.

However, every once in an odd while, she actually uses the scratching post. We immediately reward her with a treat - and she is TOTALLY treat motivated. But she just doesn't make the connection.

...could this have anything to do with her being potentially kind of retarded? It is more than likely that she did not have proper (or much) nutrition during critical growth phase.

We don't have a lot of experience with cats, but unlike the other two, she exhibits no curiousity at all. She likes to eat, play and sleep, and in that order. Anything moving - she'll dive for it. Toys that lie there don't exist. She expanded her territory in the house from her original crate and the bedroom area only by following the other cats ound the house, but she has explored nothing on her own.


Any suggestions?
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No, I don't think your cat is retarded.
The spots might be places where other cats have marked or scratched before, or simply she may be scratching there because she's done it before.

Not a lot of advice for ya, sorry, but someone will.
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Have you tried pure lemon juice? I don't know if this is more effective than lemon-scented sprays.

An idea for biting at the shades-the vet I used to work for sold compounds called bitter orange and bitter apple. Not only did they smell, they tasted horrible. And I know that from personal experience-all of us who worked there and bit our nails used it to stop that habit.

As for Munchie being retarded-Ivo is not an inquisitive cat, either. She doesn't play much (except for her squeakie mouse and a laser pointer) and she doesn't explore things. Boxes and paper bags don't interest her (and plastic bags are only good for sniffing and licking), and if I don't move her cat dancer, it doesn't exist. I've worried about her "mental health", but she seems to be doing well. Maybe Munchie is the same way.

Hope you work things out!

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Have you tried putting something on top of that spot on the carpet? A box, a table etc? If she can't get to it, perhaps she will loose interest.

I've tried pure lemon juice (or at least that stuff that comes in the FAKE lemon sold in grocery stores) for like cooking.
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Thanks for the suggestions! Unfortunately, putting something over that spot won't work - it's right on the edge (not the top, not the side - just where it turns!) of the step, and a T-shirt or something placed over it lasts for about two mintues before it's been scrambled around on and ends up down on the bottom step.

Next time we're at the Pet Store we'll look for the bitters. That's a great idea. I do remember the Vet mentioning it should we have a problem with kittens chewing on wires (which, thankfully we never had despite the HUGE number of wires around here).


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