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I am wondering how many of you out there have cats that have seizures and what you are using to treat them. I have had many threads about my kitty Squeeker and his poor little start to life so far. He was rescued from a house fire by my husband when he was 2 weeks old, he was burnt on all 4 feet, tail and ears. A month or so after we rescued him he began seizuring, it has been a long haul and there were times we thought he wouldn't make it through, but he has and is now doing great.

My question is what have you all been using as treatment and what have you found most effective. Squeeker is currently on Phenobarbital, Clonazipam and a new medication. We have tried accupuncture as well. It was not untill we saw a 3rd neurologist and she prescribed Gabapentin that he is finally a kitten again instead of a toss pillow on the couch. It has been amazing to watch the transformation he has gone through since starting this new medication. He is actually a cat who plays with my others, eats and seems way more cohearent than ever. I do not know much about the Gabapentin but in my opinion it is a miracle drug. Does anyone else have any other "miracle drugs" or treatments they are currently using, I would appreciate the input so we can help Squeeker even further is possible.