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I got a digital camera finally!

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I'm so excited, we finally got a digital camera. Now I don't have to use my cell phone for getting pictures. I got some of most of the kittens, and a couple of the other cats... I'll definitely be getting lots of pictures now. The only bad thing is that the camera eats batteries like crazy... I just had to change them twice getting about 20 pictures! But anyway, here are some pictures...

Spike, getting to be a big boy!

Spooky Bear


Woody Jr.




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Sleepy Lt. Bear



Captain Squishy

Of the kittens, I still need to get Skittles and Domino... they were hiding from the camera, LOL.
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They are just precious...Captain Squishy is a heartbreaker
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O my, look at all that cuteness They are all just soo cute and gorgeous
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awww...Taco, you make my heart soar....
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WHERE, pray tell, is the cuteness warning?? Those little characters are good enough to eat!

(re batteries -- get yourself two or three sets of rechargables)
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Cute kitties!

I can`t think why but I like the ginger babies the best

That sound a bit weird about the battery. It should last a lot longer than that. I`m always messing around with my camera and I`ve only re-charged the battery 3 times in about 5 months!.
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Your kittens are adorable!! It must be a busy house with all those curious cats around!

Do you have a battery store around you? What you can do is take in your camera and they can MAKE a lithium battery that will fit in it. LI batteries last HOURS instead of minutes. Also, you may be able to order one from the manufacturer but in my experience the battery stores are much cheaper. In the long run a LI battery saves a ton of money (and headache when you're trying to take the perfect picture and your batteries are dead!)
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we will get a lot more pictures.

Such little cuties.
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Originally Posted by Jaffacake View Post
I can`t think why but I like the ginger babies the best
Funny, but I tend to agree.

But oh my, they are all simply adorable. I love the first series of photos where the little guys are being held up for the camera. They're just little sweethearts.
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OMG Those kittens are soooooo cute!
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There are so many cute kitties!! Garfield's eyes are gorgeous!! Larry is a boy? With all of those colors?
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awwww they are all so sweet!

For batteries, I bought two sets of Energizer rechargables with an recharger that all plugs into an outlet. I use one set while the other charges, then switch. My camera eats regular AA batteries about the same as your's.

Welcome to the digital camera world!
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Capt Squishy looks so much like my lil PJ!
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Oh goodness i could scoup them all up to cuddle
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Thanks everyone! We're going to give the rechargable batteries a try next time we go out to the store.

Larry is a boy? With all of those colors?
Nope, Larry is a girl. John named her, of course. Her "full" name is: Floppyears McFuzzyface Esquire, answers to Larry and also is a girl cat. He has quite a sense of humor.
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