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what color

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sorry for doubleposting but alleygirl suggested i ask here.

my kitten would like to know what color she is, pictures are in fur pics or if you can't find them..



she thinks she is getting points
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Brown tabby to me in plain terms - but perhaps mink (as in the Tonkinese color). I have a 2 cats similar in color, both pointed - and have been definitively colored by two judges as Mink...


and Mocha
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IMO she's pretty solid - not tabby marked. And reminds me of one of the tonkinese or burmese colors - champagne I think (have to look of the various colors).

Where did you get her from?
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I was thinking champagne too,

I got her from a barn, she followed me home last wednesday. The vet thinks she's 8 weeks which means in 2 days she will be 9 weeks.

(we took her in on wednesday.)
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Sorry, you guys are right - it was Champagne that the Judges said the color of my cats are too - my mind is elsewhere!
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You are forgiven
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She looks like a "peachy" little kitten to me! :-)
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