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I've taught him well!

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Before I met John, he wasn't really a "cat person". He had a 13 year old cat... who sadly had to be put to sleep about a month after I met John. He was sick, and had a heart condition but John loved that cat. He just didn't like cats in general. He allowed me to adopt our first two cats and started to fall in love. He loves the kitties we have now and has definitely developed a heart for rescuing the kitties in need (especially abandoned kittens). But yesterday he did something that took my by surprise. We went to town to pick up some stuff for dinner and as we were pulling out of the store parking lot, we saw a cat across the street by the old feed mill. The cat looked fairly young (1-2 years old), black and white shorthaired, skinny and kinda scruffy looking... obviously had been out on his/her own for awhile. I was sad but wasn't even going to say anything when John said "You want to stop and get him?". ... what an AWESOME guy I have!!! Unfortunately, the cat took off and disappeared into the building. We're going to go back and keep trying though, but I just had to share that. A year ago he wouldn't have even thought of stopping to pick up a stray kitty!
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Awwww! He's a keeper! That is soooo sweet!
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That's so sweet!

I have to share my story similar to that. My fiance didn't really like animals, he'd only ever had one dog his whole life. Then he met me, lol, with all my critters.

Last week we had two dogs and four cats (two are fosters). As we were leaving for the day on Saturday, a gorgeous gray and black, young, female cat came right up to our door and started rubbing on us. She loved the dogs, and when we opened to door to run in for a second she ran in too like she owned the place.

My fiance told me that if she came back, we could "keep her for a few days, and feed her, and take her to the cat sanctuary."

Well, a week later, a neighbor girl came by holding the cat, and asked us if we would take her in because she didn't want the cat to get hit on the road. I didn't say anything, because I've already got four cats to take care of, but bless my fiance's heart, he piped up with, "well, she's so friendly, sure, we'll keep her"

I was flabberghasted, then excited, because he said we could keep her! Now we've got five cats running around, lol. We decided to name her Amelia.

He's such a great guy, I couldn't give him up for the world!
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How sweet - you are training him well! Or should I say the kitties are traing him well!
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles View Post
Awwww! He's a keeper! That is soooo sweet!
I agree! It's amazing how our furry babies can win over almost anyone!!!!
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There's no better prize in life than a partner like that.
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So sweet! Definitely a keeper

My fiance had 2 dogs and a cat when I met him. Both dogs have since passed away (they were both 15), and we have his 14 year old cat with us still. He's as excited as me about getting our kittens someday (when we get our house, we're adopting two little balls of fuzz - they'll be our children since we dont want the human kind). Cant say he's let me take any home yet - there are two kittens at work and a friend had 5 to give away. We dont think Tigger will take well to any kittens, she's been an only cat her entire life.
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