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My Favorite T-R-A-M-P!

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Lily is such a tramp!

Does anyone else see a pattern here??? Today:

And the older pics as evidence:

The Beginning:

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Those pics are so cute, and absolutely hilarious! She looks so much like my Pepper, even down to the white patch on her cute, pudgey kittybelly. Pepper behaves like a little tart sometimes, too. The 4th and the last pics are my faves, even though they are all just precious.
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Awww I love the little white spot on her belly

She's just tryin to be comfy mom!
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OMG! It`s true. The lady is a tramp.
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Those are hilarious
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OMG she looks like she is laughing in this one

Darn you just reminded me that I once again forgot to take pics of the cats on the luggage. Mom just got back from the shore Saturday and we came back last week with 2 cases.
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Those are so cute! She is just trying to show off the white patch on her belly!
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OMG their hilarious!!!

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Lily is such a cutie!! even if she is baring it all to the world
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too funny. Love the pictures and the poses.
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Zomg, that's too funny!
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LOL! Naughty kitty!!!!
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All the fella kitties are gonna be glued to this thread.
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