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My cat and a new kitten...temporarily?

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I wasn't sure which board to post this on, so if this one is wrong, let me know.

I am in the process of moving to Seattle (I have a previous post about my concerns with it...) and I have to be out of my current apartment, but my new apartment across the country isn't ready till Aug. 15.

For a while I was considering moving up there and doing temporary housing for a bit, but other stuff has come up so my boyfriend and I are staying where we are for those two weeks.

Our plan right now is to live with his parents. Buuuuut...his mom has a new kitten. My Guy hasn't been around another cat since he was with his litter more than 2 years ago.

How do we handle these two being in the same house together? Do we keep them apart the whole time? or is there a way we should introduce them?

I'm also concerned about health aspects of this situation. His family is not as "mothery" with their pets as I am. Guy has had all vaccinations that are standard for solo-indoor-only cats...but nothing the vet only recommended for outdoor cats. This kitten was raised outdoors, even though she's indoor-only now.

I'm concerned about diseases that could be spread this way. Perhaps I'm just paranoid because I know they don't treat their critter the way I was taught to (which angers me to no end...but it's not really my place to be critical, really) What precautions should I take before we get there?

Thanks again.
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How long will you be living with them? Will your living conditions make it feasible for them to be separated?

Honestly, if it isn't for too long and it is feasible, I would keep them separated for your own peace of mind and family harmony. If your cat does come down with something, you will always wonder if it was from their cat whether it was or not.
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It will be for two weeks, and I'm not sure how separated we can keep them. I guess my cat could stay in the bedroom, but I feel bad. The house is a rather small trailer home, 2 bedroom. Would keeping him in one room for two weeks be bad for him?
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I'm thinking it may be more tricky than bad for him! Sometimes I have a hard time keeping my indoor kitties indoors! If you CAN keep him in one room, it probably would be best....IF...
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