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The mentality of people!

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Honestl~I just cant even begin to describe the words for people like this!!!!

Just absolutely amazes me what people do these days!!!
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That is just sad. Those poor children.
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Another case where people shouldn't be allowed to breed.
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How sad is it, that you can't look after your children coz your playing video games. They are young, should be working, and if they can feed themselves, then they can feed the children too.
But heres an interesting question: what about the cat?? the girls hair was matted by cats pee, that means they must have a cat right? so is it being given the same poor life?

In prison, they should be starved for a long period, see how they like it.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Another case where people shouldn't be allowed to breed.

you got that right!!!! they should be sterlized for that! ohhhhhh good thing this is a family forum, or i would go nuts!!
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I had a lot of the same questions when I read does a baby's head get matted with cat pee? I can't even imagine what that place must smell like.

It made me particularly angry to read that they had food, but were too consumed by their video games to feed the children? Well, I guess if you can't feed your kids you can't clean a litter box either, so the cat pees on the baby
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That is seriously mental.... I really dont know what to say about that, except I rather watch my children grow up and provide them with a good life then waste my time on D&D... What is with people?
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They found time to breed with all that gaming?

That's the sad reality of the internet. We joke on here about how addicted we are to TCS, but are we THAT addicted to the point that we neglect our children or our cats? Perhaps...
Anyhoo, my point is that things like online gaming, forums, heck even email is considered to be something that develops an addiction just like smoking or drinking or doing drugs. Hopefully these parents will find counseling and realise that they had an addiction to thei Dungeons and Dragons and realise they have real lives to take care of
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I don't understand why they shaved the little girls hair? Why not just wash it? People are getting horrible...and to think of all the things that go on that never get reported!!
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That is horrible! I'm glad those children are getting the care that they need.
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Internet gaming is the work of the Devil! I hate it when people go for hours on end. My SO got so hooked on it, it almost ruined our relationship. He would start in the morning as soon as his feet hit the floor and he would get up at the very last second he had to so he could get to work almost on time.
He discovered I was serious that I would leave him if it did not stop. If someone wants to play for a little while to relax, that is one thing, but having take over your whole life that is something else entirely.
We even have a game that we play together on the playstation. We play while we drink our morning a few days a week. Guitar Player is lots of fun, but it is not going to control my life.
As far as those people "addicted" to their games, I think it was probably that they had something else contributing to that. That sounds very much like people that do crystal meth regularly. They get obsessed with doing something. I knew a girl that tweezed her entire legs. I knew 2 brothers that would constantly sharpen their Buck Knives. They would have to buy another one every couple of weeks they had sharpened the previous ones into something about as wide as 3 flat toothpicks. WEIRD!
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