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What words do you over use?

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I have been thinking that I use a few words way too often. I try to break myself of the habit and slip right back into it.

I use these too often:

boobear (for kids and cats)

Any words that you use too often?
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I have tried and tried to stop - especially with 'like' but I just can't do it!!
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For some reason when I give people information I usually feel the need to say at the end "... just so you know". I hate it and I cringe every time, but I can't help myself!
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I go through 'phases' of what words I use more than necessary!

Right now, I always say:

1.Thank You (I truly over use this word- I say it every time i get off the phone) know what i mean
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I answer phone calls on my cell, for the home/office phone, at "work", & at the HS. I always answer "How many I help you?"(And feel like a dork answering like that on my cell ). I end the call with "Thank you". I must say that a billion times a day!!

I also use Nat's word...I don't think I can say it, but I use it a lot now!
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Originally Posted by adymarie View Post
boobear (for kids and cats)
Hee hee! That's what we call Trent! Our little Boo Bear.

Words I use too much: Seriously, the queen mother word especially since right now I'm highly stressed about a situation over which I have much responsibility but very little control. Um, those are the only two I can think of right now.
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I say "like" and "whatever" probably more than I should!
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i think my most over used are......

1) SWEET!!!

2) fug nugget/ fug tard ( you get the idea,lol)

3) crackhead ( i call ppl i think are idiots that,lol)
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"Oh..OK" <---I get made fun of ALL the time for that.
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I say the word "like" WAAAAY too much!
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"What the hell?" (more like a phrase)

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I say F R E A K a lot and HELLO(But not to say hi) and What the Heck
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I have a few I over use, lol.

for real
of course
I know... (as in responding to a statement)

I used to be really bad about using "like," but I've toned it down quite a bit.
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Diablo (Damn)
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There are a few that I overuse....

Oh, ok. (as a phrase)

The worst, though, is....

No! or Leave It! ( what do you expect with a soon to be 1yr old, barking or digging dogs, and cats that like to try to eat my plants, climb curtains, climb up my legs, etc??? )
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1. Like. I use like waaay too much ("I was like, 'what the...?'" "Like, seriously?")
2. Seriously. I always say this one...even when I'm typing.
3. Crap. This is one of my biggest "word addictions". I've tried to stop saying it but it didn't work one iota!
4. Oh my gosh. This one isn't as bad as the others, but I still use it more then I should!
5. Absolute/absolutely. ("Absolutely Adorable!" "Absolutely precious!" "An absolute muffinkin!"
and speaking of... 6. Muffinkin/munchkin. I do say this too much, especially to my cats and dog. They are my muffinkins, after all!
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Used instead of "eh?" it's a dead giveaway that I'm not Canadian. I use this mainly with my daughter to see if she heard what I said. I need to just drop it.


I use it way too much and can't seem to stop. Maybe there's too much crap being sold and people are too crappy-acting sometimes.
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The words I use too much are, "OK" and "Good Heavens"! (I use that when I can't think of anything else to say.)
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Originally Posted by SwampWitch View Post

Used instead of "eh?" it's a dead giveaway that I'm not Canadian. I use this mainly with my daughter to see if she heard what I said. I need to just drop it.
Wait? Am I secretly Canadian? I say "eh?" all the time. Trade ya!
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Oh man....I drop way too many "F" bombs.
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I use "rock on" & "ya know?" waaaaaaaaaaay too much.

I too drop the "F" bomb alot... not around the kids but when I'm at work around the guys, it just slips out But hey, they're roofer
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too cute
NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (for the animals)

(i over use affectionate terms towards friends/family sometimes)

oh and the most overused phrase in this house is "two seconds" so much so that colin and my coworkers tease me for saying that.

for curse words....definitely the ones that start with an F, B and an S(i should really stop that)
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I curse to much...ya for sure....but my worst is babe..I call my real good friends that all the time...and the cats. thankfully they don't know that part of it. Have been known to use the word eat how I say it to the cats tho... heavy on the E sound
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