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Feeling guilty!

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Well what a morning poor Harry had. As usual, my SO left for work at 7.30 and let him into the bedroom to me. At 8.30 I heard Harry come back into the room, he jumped on the bed, cried and then peed on SO's pyjama bottoms. Naturally I shouted at him and took him straight down to the litter box only to discover that my SO had closed the kitchen door so he didn't have access! I still put him in the kitchen and closed the door in case he wasn't finished.

Next thing I head an almighty bang and clatter. There was a champagne bucket sitting on the table (a housewarming gift I was going to put into the shed) and he knocked it over onto the hardwood floor so you can imagine it made a fair amount of noise. I ran down to see what happened and when I opened the door he ran straight head first into the glass patio doors with fright!!

He seems fine now; he was very affectionate after but he's been crying a bit today. I just feel really guilty for getting mad at him in the first place for something that was beyond his control.

Long-winded but I needed to get it off my chest!! I have to go to work now so he'll be alone for a few hours
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Aww, poor Harry! Give some extra love when you get home.
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