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Persian to Himmy

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Any per sian or himmy breeders out there? My question is this how do feel about mixing the two. Persians and himmy that is? I have all pure persians presently but have always wanted a flame point I know of one that is a great deal and would like to try a breeding with her and my male but how will they be accepted in the show hall?
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Many of the persian sites I have been to seem to have both Himmie and Persians. I think most breeders frown on it unless the persians are color point carriers. Basically they have Himmie in their background.I personally think there would be no problem as long as it bring in traits to improve the line you have now.
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I used to breed himmies and had the same question as you so I called the CFa and asked them. I was told by the CFA that persians and Himmies are actually the same breed and any cross between them is perfectly acceptable. If you breed Himmy to Persian and get a mixed litter they told me to register the colorpionts as Himmies and the non-colorpoints as Persians. My Ninjs Su's (she a Himmy) resistration papers say she is registered as a Himalayan-Persian. She has no "Persian" blood and a full Himalayan pedigree. They should not frown on you in the show hall because the two are one in the same breed. A Himalayan is just a fancy name for a colorpoint persian and actually refers to the coat pattern. Any animal colored like a siamese or himmy is said to have the Himalayan coat pattern. This is a temperature sensitive gene limiting color only to the extremities. My cousin used to breed Himalayan rabbits.

Sorry, got to rambling and prolly told you some things you already knew. But I just wanted to tell you what the CFA told me.

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