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Tips to combat litter tracking everywhere

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Aside from using a covered litterbox, what do you do to keep your litter inside the box and not tracked all over the floor?

I keep my litterboxes centered around a throw rug to help "catch" some of the little pebbles, but they still seem to end up everywhere.

Do you use a dustpan/brush, a hand-vac, a full size vac, broom? Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.

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I keep a small dustpan and brush beside the boxes and just give a quick sweep up when i get in from work until i do my vacuuming at the end of the week.
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I keep a broom in the closet next to the bathroom as well, since Riley seems to track out half the box every time he uses it

I'm planning to get one of those mats to put in front of the box thats supposed to help, but I have to find one to match my bathroom decor!
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its an eternal problem - cat litter bits everywhere

I have a Dyson dust buster handy - brill - one quick zip and all gone
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I use litter-tracking mats and a hand-vac.
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I use a litter tracking mat which I find brilliant but I still have to sweep up around it frequently. Cats create mess with their litter box and that's it!
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Neko is a good cat, he shakes his paws as he's climbing out, so he seldomly gets litter outside the box. Diego on the other hand is a little nightmare, litter everywhere and then the litter thats outside the box gets batted around by him.
I'm thinking if getting one of those attaching things (like a mat I guess) that he must walk over before exiting his box. Hopefully that helps.
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I really think there is nothing that you can do besides vacuuming/sweeping/dust busting every day. The litter gets in between their toes so it just gets tracked everywhere.
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I got one of those litter mats, and it did NOTHING. Bijou "springs" out of her litterbox when she's done. It sprays litter EVERYWHERE. And it's not a short distance either. I swear she jumps about 4 feet out of the box. We tried putting the mat further out, but she seems to do all she can to avoid landing on it. I don't know why she can't walk out like a normal cat....She has to leap out like she has springs attached to her feet! I was thinking about getting one of those Swiffer Flicker's. Has anyone tried those? In the meantime, I'm a vacuuming maniac .
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I just moved out of my apartment since I graduated, but when I was there, Oliver's box was in kind of a walk-through utility room (had the water heater and AC unit in it... had to walk through to get to the bathroom) and it had a linoleum floor.... I had a little carpet door mat (like the kind we had in kindergarten to sit on during story time) and that caught a lot of the litter as Ollie came out of the box... I kept a dust pan and brush on the wall in that room and could brush the rug off right into the pan and sweep up anything around the mat... then of course I'd vacuum about once a week.... now I'm back with my parents - one box is in the unfinished basement, so there's no real worry about litter tracking and the other is in my room... for some reason, there hasn't been much tracking in my room since we've moved back home.... I guess he's shaking his paws before he pops out (both boxes are covered btw - Oliver's a big digger)
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The pointy mats hurt to walk on. Most cats will jump over those.

Tidy Cats, at least the blue kind - tracks realllllly bad. The granules are round and they travel a long way. I just switched to a cheaper store brand scoopable litter and it doesn't track nearly as much.

I use a broom, and carpet remnants catch most of it right outside of the box.
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We keep the Dyson hand vac charged 24/7 next to litterbox and just do a quick vacuum twice a day. I also use it to pick up cat hair on the sofa.
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Indeed it is a fact of having a cat, life I vacuum every day around their box's, and I sweep up during the day as it gets worse. I find it gets bad when they play in the tub and bathroom, their feet get wet and Bob's your Uncle ! litter scatters EVERYWHERE ! The vacuum and I have a close relationship
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I vacuum 2-3 times a week. That's about all I can do. Our apartment is pretty much all carpet, except for our small bath and kitchen. So the litterboxes are on carpeted areas.
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I've just been using a broom and dustpan. That seems to work. My handvac motor pooped out years ago. One little trick I do is when I scoop their litter I put on slippers so the scattered litter outside the box doesn't stick to the bottom of my feet and I don't track it around.
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We sweep almost daily and vacuum every few days to maintain this problem.

They ALL track litter everywhere!!!
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We keep a small dust pan next to the litter box.
Also, we use one of these mats (it's not the "grassy" kind, which they'd jump over to avoid stepping on!):

This Litter Welcome mat is works great for both scoopable litter (which we used to have) AND for crystals (which we use now).
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Dust Buster. But I only have one cat.
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My answer: Swivel Sweeper (as seen on TV!). It actually works well and now I can't live without it. Not as loud as a vacuum and works better than bending over with a dust buster. Works great until I vacuum on Wednesdays.

I also have a litter mat that seems to work okay, but still litter is scattered around her box. She also likes to "spring out" when she's done. Maybe she just doesn't like the feel of the mat on her feet?
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I've found that indoor-outdoor carpet, the bristly kind, does a pretty good job of catching the litter out from between the cats' toes. Of course, it needs to be large enough so they can't easily just jump over it.
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Originally Posted by TickyTat View Post
She also likes to "spring out" when she's done. Maybe she just doesn't like the feel of the mat on her feet?
Haha. I have a feeling they do this to shake loose dingleberries. My cats go tearing around the house at full speed after they poop.
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