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You were a gorgeous bride! I think your hair looked wonderful. I know what you mean about all the smiling. We had a lot of our pictures taken before the ceremony, and I'm not smiling in most of them...I was too nervous and kept getting this little muscle twitch right next to my mouth. But, afterwards, I couldn't stop..I was so happy it was over!!

And, doesn't "husband" sound weird? I've been married a 1 1/2 yrs and am still getting used to it, not to mention being called "Mrs"!

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Beautiful pictures
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Once again CONGRATS And u all looked so beautiful It does get tiring of smiling, I know I was part of the wedding for my brother and man was I tired of smiling, what sux tho is I never even got to see half of the pictures with my camera as it was stolen But I am glad all went well with ur wedding, u all looked so gorgeous
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congradulations hon!!! you look beautiful in your pictures!!!your daughters do too!!!! i hope you two enjoy many wonderful years together!!!
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thank you all xxxx
yes saying husband does sound weird lol.
and thats terrible about your camara, but at least the day went well for your brother, and you have the memory of it all.
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Aw! You're all so pretty! I bet your girls felt like little princesses in those dresses.
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Congratulations!! You were such a pretty bride
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Congratulations! Your pictures are beautiful.
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thank you all, i have them all on the pc now, but i wont bore ya all with them lol.
just trying to print them all out and put them into albums and frames now.
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