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I joined a gym yesterday!!!

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Hello! I am in need of loosing about 10-15 pounds so I asked my boyfriend to get me a gym membership for Christmas.
I have lost the same 10-15 pounds about 3 times now and it just keeps coming back! Ugh!
Is anyone a member of a gym and which classes do you like? They offer Pilates, Yoga, Kickboxing, Step, and Regular Aerobics among others. I am thinking of trying Pilates but I am not sure exactly what it is.

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My aunt swears by Pilates - it helped her lose 60 pounds. I have never tried it.
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Oh wow! 60 pounds is hard to loose! I will go to the intro to Pilates class on monday and try it out.
I sorta had it in my mind that Pilates was like a stretching class and not a fat burning class. I guess it works for both if she lost so much weight by doing Pilates.

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I have heard many good things about Pilates, though I, like Adymarie have not tried it.

You should try to focus on what type of excercise that you will be able to continue *in case* you end your gym membership and something that you can incorporate into your day to day routines.

You can lose the initial weight at the gym, but you have to change your lifestyle to accomodate a healthy amount of exercise to keep it off. I am a big believer in Yoga. Today there are many types. This is an easy thing that once you know the basics, you can transfer to your home life for the future.

Yoga is excellent for showing you the correct way to stretch and breath properly. You can do serious damage to your body if you do these incorrectly.

Talk with an instructor and they will be able to fit you with a plan of action and what you are comfortable with.

Have fun!

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Ya Yoga sounds like it would be a great exercise to learn. I am so not flexible (I used to be however). Yoga class is Tuesday, i'll try it out too and see which classes best suit me. Thanks for the help.
There is a personal trainer at the gym. In the past I have been a little hesitant to ask for a trainers help. I will take your advice and schedule an appointment. The first two personal training sessions are free so it couldn't hurt.

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I belong to Curves for Women.

Its a circuit gym. There are 24 stations, to include 12 machines and 12 recovery stations. You start at one station, and ever 30 seconds they prompt you to rotate to the next one. You alternate between machines and recovery. You complete the circuit two times, for a total of 30 min ( after every 10 stations you pause for a pulse check ). I love it there.

I did Weight Watchers last winter/spring and lost about 35 lbs. Curves has really helped me tone up and keep the weight gone.

Oh, by the way, I pay $29 per month so its quite affordable.
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I have done both pilates and yoga, they are both great. To loss weight and muscle toning as well. I bought some vhs tapes on amazon.com and they are wonderful.

Pilates is very similar to yoga, the only difference is the breathing is faster, and the poses you do are also done faster.

But they are both totally awesome , I'm even sleeping better at night, it's very relaxing. On the tapes I have at the end of the exercise they also do a few minutes of meditation, which is also very good. I'm more relaxed and totally in chill out mood

Let us know how you enjoy the class, and good luck.

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I used to go to a gym in Manchester. I'd spend hours three times a week weight lifting. I did that much of it I damaged my back severly. Good luck in losing your weight, but do remember to take it easy
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Daniella-A Curcuit gym sounds cool, I've never heard of that kind before. Sounds very motivating!

I went to the library about 5 months ago and checked out 4 video tapes to try at home. Well...I never even put them in the VCR. I have a hard time getting motivated to exercise at home. The gym membership hopefully will be an incentive to work out. And, its less than 1/4 mile from the house so no excuse not to go

Thanks for the advice all!

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I remember seeing on tv that pilates is some kind of programme that you use your body weight as weights - its kind of like resistance training!

Way to go Coco!
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