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Just hangin'

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The girls love sitting in the window in the evenings and enjoying the cool air. Stumpy and Lily always sit together in the middle perch and just watch the world go by, while Smudge sits on the windowsill. They're so sweet together

And Smudgey hanging on my pillow. We went to bed late Friday night, and had to get up early Saturday morning. She normally gets up when we do. Not this time though - she just stayed curled up on my pillow for another 45 minutes after we got up!

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Awww! Look at those precious girls!
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That`s so cute! Love that first picture.
Bless their little hearts
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Awwwww don't they look sweet sitting together like that, awwwww
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post

i have that same purple bedding!
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very cute kitties i like the 1st pic
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awww, I love Lily & Stumpy sitting together!
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Originally Posted by Renovia View Post
i have that same purple bedding!
From Bed, Bath and Beyond?
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I just love your girls Sarah
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