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2 months on

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Little Freeway has already been here for 2 months. It just doesn't seem like it at all. Gee, the scratches that I got from him climbing my body after food haven't even all healed yet

This was our little ragamuffin 2 months ago....

And here he is now. The more accomplished bug hunter of the tribe, Sassy Sasparilla, is giving the youngster some pointers...

Daddy getting a new pair of boots can only mean one thing...NEW BOX!!!

And, if he's not playing in boxes, chasing bugs or hanging out with Mischief Mistoffolees, he is snuggling with his adopted mom, Peanut Butterum

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Awww Thatr last photo is so precious!
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Wow, hasn't he grown so much!! He was so adorable before, and now he's looking so incredibly handsome! His fur looks so soft and shiny

You've done an awesome job with him. I can't believe it's only been 8 weeks, he looks as though he's been part of the family forever

I love this pic:

Originally Posted by Skippymjp View Post
It's hard to tell where Peanut ends and Freeway starts!
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omg for a second there i couldn't tell where on kitty ended and the other started...too cute!!!
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
It's hard to tell where Peanut ends and Freeway starts!
I've always thought that it was kind of cool that the jellicle that adopted him as her own, was the one that was colored the most like him. When he was really little, he could actually snuggle up beside her and practically disappear
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He's so precious! he's grown so much and just look at his nice shiney fur coat now!!! I love all of those pictures, but the bug one is adorable. Look at him craning his neck to get a better view!!!
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He`s doing great.
I don`t know why but I think his tail is kinda cute. Is it a bit short?
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Oh, that's so sweet. He's getting to be such a big boy!
It's just heartwarming how they've all taken in the little fella.
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Those pics are gorgeous i love the one with the box
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awww Mike he's a doll baby..... I love him & Sassy "bug hunting"
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I still can't get over how big he's gotten and it's wonderful how the Tribe LOVES him
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awwwwwwwwww hes a teen now ......... How precious that pic of him and Peanut Butterum
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I'm so glad you found Freeway! I think he was meant to be there with you. He looks like he's settled in nicely and he's such a handsome boy!
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The picutre of Freeway & Peanut is so cute!
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He is getting so big!!!

His colour has really darkened. He is so handsome!
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