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Weekend fun! (with pics)

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We went and stayed at a friend's 200 acre family ranch over the weekend. It was so much fun! We played in a nearby river where there was some small rapids, swam in their swimming pond, and played with their dogs - a 3 month old Labrador and an 18 month old Viszla.

The lab loved to play, but as soon as he got tired he turned into a snuggler - just had to be nearby cuddling. He came with us on a walk and got scared by some cows, and on the way back past them again he cowered behind my legs and tried to run away, so I had to pick him up and carry him past the big scary cows The Vizsla was just all energy - he could play all day and loved chasing anything that moved on the property, and would just bound into the pond when he got hot to cool off, and once he was done playing, he would come up and plonk his butt in your lap for a cuddle - such a sweetheart!!!

It was so nice to have a relaxing weekend away just lazing around in a gorgeous part of California.

The river

The pond on the property

The dogs

Naptime after a heavy day of playing!!

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that place is gorgeous...i'm officially jealous...LOL.
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Sounds great!
Those dogs are gorgeous and I`m not really a dog person
Love the pictures. Would love to go somewhere like that!
Glad you had a good time!
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Wow it's beautiful there!!!
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Looks like a ton of fun! I love how blue that pond is!!! Makes it look so warm and inviting!
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Beautiful! I would so be at that river all day very peaceful
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What a beautiful place to spend the weekend relaxing ........

and OMG this pic is way beyond precious!!!!!!

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what a wonderful place for a little bit of chillin'
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That looks so relaxing! My godmother had a Vizla for many years - Twotwo was the sweetest thing.

Glad you had a great time.
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That sounds like a great time...Adorable dogs, Love the Vizsla...I grew up with one that was my Aunt's and I loved it
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Great pictures That looks like a wonderful place to live, I'm so jealous!
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I love the dogs! Vizslas are so much fun, they could run & play all day long....
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That pond looks so relaxing
Love the picture of the tired pooches, they are adorable
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I'd never heard of a Vizsla before and he was just to charming. He was in and out of the water all day and yet he didn't smell like "wet dog" at all. Apparently they don't have an undercoat which helps keep the smells away.

If we got a dog, a Vizsla would definitely be high on my list. I just loved how he'd sit in your lap - didn't care that he was 50+ lbs, he just wanted a cuddle! Definitely a fun weekend, I love having good connections...
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Oh that place looks so beautiful! And such cute lil doggies!!!
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Here's another doggie pic - awwwwww

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Vizsla are very high energy - Two two required much walking/running etc. She did develop bad cateracts and artritis when she was about 10 years old and then cancer.

I believe the artritis is a breed issues - them being so large, etc.

I can say she was great with kids.
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Wow! That place is gorgeous! I'm not an outdoors-type person and usually my idea of getting "with nature" is opening up my apartment window, but wow!!! I think I could even be enticed to go outside and sit in the shade there

Those dogs are gorgeous too, and I love the sleepy dog picture too. That little beige one looks like he's in heave sitting on your lap getting ear rubs.
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Wow!! That looks soo relaxing!!! Glad you had a wonderful time.

And them dogs are so precious!
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I just love the Vizsla's face....they've got a sorta hound thing going on. And the wiggly bum so many have....I am a sucker for wiggly bums.
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The hills look like how it looks here in Southern California, but I imagine you didn't come down this far for your weekend get away. What part of California is this in?
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Originally Posted by HopeHacker View Post
The hills look like how it looks here in Southern California, but I imagine you didn't come down this far for your weekend get away. What part of California is this in?
It's about 45 minutes north of Sacramento - beautiful area!
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sounds like you had a good time Sarah! I hope the girls were ok without you!
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Originally Posted by LuckyGirl View Post
sounds like you had a good time Sarah! I hope the girls were ok without you!
We left Saturday morning and came back Sunday night, and had our neighbours pop in on Saturday to give them some tasty wet food, and have a bit of a play and cuddle with them. Lily was super cuddly last night, but the other two couldn't have cared less
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Beautiful place! I love the pic of the pond, and the dogs are adorable!
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Wow that is beautiful. Wondering what part of CA that is, I lived in San Diego for almost 10 years. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics, love the doggies too.
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Wow what beautiful place Sarah Those dogs are so cute too
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Aww... you and that snuggly dog look so happy together! Thanks for sharing such a lovely time with us...
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OMG Another Vizsla!

Jake is a Vizsla mix and is FULL of energy! And you're right, he doesn't smell like wet dog at all. He's like having a hyper 3yr old in the house at all times.

Vizslas have great personalities and good with cats and kids too

Vizsla's are Hungarian Hunting dogs so yeah, they have the pitiful hound look sometimes

Hijack over....... sorry
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