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we just had a tragedy.

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our 8 week old kitten died suddenly tonight, my girls were playing with her and she was fine, just before she died the girls said that they took her to the bathroom to use the litter box, which they have done lots of times and they said that she did'nt have to go so she ran out of the bathroom and ran into the living room and went under the bottom shelf of my computer desk, and when they brought her out from under there she was limp and could'nt get up, they brought her to me and she looked like she had broken her neck or back or something, I tried rubbing her to stimulate her and giving her mouth to mouth and she kind of rattle breathed a few times but it wasn't enough, we took her out and burried her under the back deck, it was hard on the girls, they have never seen an animal die before, I looked under the bottom shelf of my computer desk and it is an open area, there is at least 4-5 inches between the bottom of the shelf and the floor and there are no sharp edges anywhere so I can't figure out how she got hurt.
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I'm so sorry to hear this! I have no idea what could have happend. Maybe there was something wrong medically. I'm just so sorry for you and your girls! It's never easy to loose a furbaby, especially one so young and so quickly!
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I'm so sorry your loss. Rest in peace, little one.
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Oh how very sad for all of you, I am so sorry May she Rest in Peace
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if there was something wrong medicaly I don't know what it would be, she was fine running around and playing not 5 minutes before.
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poor baby! could she have bitten down on a power cord, maybe?
console your little ones, & tell them about the Rainbow Bridge.
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I am so sorry for you & your girls. That must be so hard for them.
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There are no power cords under where she was, they are all on the opposite side of the desk.
post #9 of 24's very mysterious but there must have been reason for God to take this little one now...i'm sure there was nothing you could have done from the sounds of the situation..i am very sorry for your loss...*hugs*
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Oh I'm so sorry for you and your girls. It is not a pleasant experience to see a pet pass away, especially for children. But while you were giving the kiyyen mouth to mouth, you can have peace of mind, knowing she passed away in loving arms.

May she EIMIN (Japanese R.I.P)
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I am surprised myself that I did the mouth to mouth, I have a phobia about being sick and am scared of anything that could make me sick, which putting a cats face in my mouth could do but I did'nt even think of that until after, of course now I feel sick cause I am so worried that I might get sick.
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I am so very sorry for your loss. Your kitty will be at the rainbow bridge now, running free with all the other furbabies. Prayers too you and your family. God Bless
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That's so tragic Sounds like somethings fell on her if her neck was broke?.

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Thats aweful!

RIP sweetie
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So sorry your girls had to see that. Is there anyway possible the girls might of accidently hurt your kitty? (how old are the girls?)

RIP you sweet kitty....
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I'm so sorry for the lost of such a young kitten. Since her death was so sudden, I was wondering if she didn't have an undiagnosed heart condition that caused her to go limp and stop breathing???
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I'm sooo sorry for your loss.. That's a horrible thing to learn so young as well..
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OMG that is terrible. I am so sorry for your loss.

My first thought was that the girls yanked her out from under the desk, and that is how she got hurt. Were you watching them?
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I'm so very sorry for your loss.

RIP sweetie
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RIP Little one.
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I'm shocked and worried.

Sister, who died tonight, was one of three kittens who adopted me and relocated from their birth home at the local grocery store truck loading docks. She played all day and appeared to be a healthy and thriving little kitten.
I was busy cleaning and ran the vacuum very quickly in their room. I hesitated to do that at first but thought it would be better to get them accustomed to normal household sounds plus my little Oreck wasn't a match to the noise level they endured behind the Piggly Wiggly.

A few hours later, I went in to check on them and little Sister didn't move. I picked her up and she was warm but limp and seemed to give some response. Looking back, I think I was searching for any glimmer of hope.
It was after midnight when I found her, but I called the vet anyway thinking he would be able to perform some action or procedure that would bring her around. He arrived 10 minutes later (from a sound sleep) Wrapped in a baby receiving blanket, I handed him my sweet snuggle bunny. He quickly examined her and said he didn't feel a heartbeat. We proceeded upstairs to their room where he did a more thorough exam. He said he didn't see anything on an outward basis that could determine her cause of death; weight was normal, no bumps, cuts or bruises and she was found curled up on a baby blanket in the center of the room next to the bed. She was jumping off the bed just fine (climbing up via the blanket), eating, running, etc.

Now I'm paranoid about Tony Tiger and Winnie Pooh. Winnie is twice the weight of the other two but when I was in the room a few minutes ago, he seems a little lethargic and timid. His fur has a different appearance and his eyes look weak.
After the very sudden death of the love of my life and my human best friend, I've been struggling to free myself from this very deep depression. I forgot what it feels like to happy. I'm not wallowing in self pity; I just can't imagine being anything but sad for the rest of my life. I've experienced loss in my life but nothing has left me so broken and empty. It's like the best part of my spirit left early, with him.

Going back to Winnie and Tony Tiger, I'm tempted to request an autopsy (necropsy?) to alleviate some of my fears.
Have there been anymore pet food recalls?
It has been helpful and and comforting to read the posts here. I'm sure the loss of a pet doesn't get any easier no matter how many times you have gone through it.
This is only the second time I have had to deal with it and I was totally unprepared.

Does anyone know if cats experience emotions related to loss of a close cat or human?

Also, does a cat remember a person who played a significant part in their life for very long after that person is gone?

Thanks for being here and now, at last, I'm going to snuggle with Tony Tiger and Winnie and get some much needed sleep.
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How awful for you both to experience such sudden deaths

In answer to the question, yes cats can and do mourn. Some years ago when our old dog died of old age, her best friend, Leo the cat mourned for 3 weeks. He hid in my daugher's bedroom, only coming out to eat and use his litter box. He would sometimes come out and sit in the corner where the dog's bed had been and sit and cry. It was a strange kind of miaow - very plaintive. He would look for the dog too. This lasted for 3 weeks then one day he went back to normal.
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Oh I am so sorry for your loss How sad for your family.

May the little one RIP
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I'm so sorry that you both lost your little sweet babies. Rest peacefully, little ones!
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