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New kitten

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Well on friday I went on a road trip with my dad and we got a new kitten friend for Bindi. I've waited awhile and we got him a week early because I'm leaving for camp next weekend. Leopalorn is his name because his only breed fult is a spotted belly and I'm doing a story called children of the leopard.
I will send more pictures but here he is.
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Shes precious!!

Congrats on the new addition!!
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Awww! Congratulations! He is gorgeous!
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He is so cute!! Congrats!
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What a teaser pic ....... we need pics so we can really see him!! Congratulations!!!
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Will post more tommarow I'e got to get to bed.

He is doing great but hes still too small to jump up on the bed with me, I've put him on he bed hes fallen alseep should I wait until hes older before putting him up on places, my bed is about three feet or so off the ground.
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He`s gorgeous!

Maybe you could put something next to the bed that he can jump up on? A sturdy box or something?
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Did just that, now he can climb up, it great thanks!

hes getting along great with Tom and Bindi. Hes a very well behaved kitten, though he did getclosed upwith me in th bathroom while I was using the tolet, and wen int thefridge while I was getting something to eat, But hes nothing like Bindi, When he was a kitten he would leap on peoples heads and backs and bite um. Also he would be cimb up the window panes and climb up the curtens.
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What a sweet little boy! Congrats on the new addition to your fur family
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He's adorable! Congrats!
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Panther he really is handsome. Can't wait to see pics of him growing up. Looks like a nice tail and coat is in the making
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