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Worried About Eye Puss

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Hello! I am new, and I hate to start right off with a health question!

Here is my introduction to The Cat Site, http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...03#post1885303

On to the health question. We just got a three month old kitten a few days ago. Admittedly, we haven't made a vet appointment yet. (Will be doing that first thing in the AM). Until then, I noticed Crosby's eyes have been crusty, and the left has been leaking puss. It is half closed and very watery. Also, he just woke up from a nap and had a gel like substance under his mouth (could have been drool, I am kind of new at cats). It's hard to tell if his appetite is Ok because I have another cat as well.

Any one ever experience this? Is there anything I can do for him until my vet appointment?
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It sounds like conjunctivitis, a very common kitten flu.
You can do some things to help him until your appointment!
Get a bowl of warm water and papertowels or cotton balls. Soak the papertowels and apply them to his eyes. This will help loosen up the crusties and draw out the infection. Soak them for a few minutes.
Then use wet cotton balls to clean up his eyes. Make sure your hands are clean and use lots of fresh cotton balls. You don't want to get more germs in there.
Then give him lots of cuddles and dry him off gently. Be really gentle with the cotton balls. You don't want to irritate his eyes further, just get the gunk out.
The vet will likely prescribe a antibacterial / neomycin product. It costs about $5 a tube and you'll apply it a few times a day into the eye itself.
Catching the infection early is a good thing as it CAN cause eye problems down the road. So please, make sure you take him to the vet for the eye goop.
He's probably feeling a little icky, so make sure he's getting lots of fluids and maybe give him canned kitten food if he'll eat it. Just like us, kitties can get really dehydrated when they're sick and it can be really dangerous to them.

Welcome to TCS!

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Hello & welcome to tcs. Good advice from Devlyn. Keep us posted on his progress.
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Just wanted to say thanks for the advice and give a little update, although this forum is buzzing--so my thread from a few days ago was pages away from the new stuff, so it is probably long forgotten! Anyway, Crosby did end up having a bit of an infection. We were given the antibiotic cream mentioned, and he seems to be doing better. His eye is still a closed a bit more than the other, but not pussing as much. Now we are trying to figure out why he has diarrhea. Haha! Good thing he is so adorable.
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sometimes the antibiotics can cause a bit of a bad stomach, if it lasts more then 24 hours give your vet a ring.
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