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Raleigh NC cat show

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We returned from the Raleigh show a few hours ago. Thought I'd share a couple of pictures.

Teri and I got to meet 2 TCS members at this show. Leslie and her husband Jason who were showing their 5 month old silver spotted bengal and Lianna who was showing her domestic girls, Luna and Chloe.
It was a real pleasure meeting these folks and we all had a good time. I didn't realize until near the end of the show that Lianna is a regular at the Raleigh shows. I'm sure we'll see her at the next Raleigh show in late Dec.
I know Leslie and Jason took lots of pics. Hopefully they'll post them soon.
These 2 went all out decorating their benching cage for the show theme and they won first prize for it!

I haven't yet figured up the rankings of the 3 we showed, but I'll post that later. But a hint.........Tuscany did the best of the 3 and finaled two rings.
It was a nice class of bengals, with most of the colors being represented.

Here are the pics..........

Tuscany being judged...with the "don't touch me" look on her face.

Tuscany must be teasing Cypress about her higher placement

Cypress looks like he's pouting about it
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Looks like Tuscany is the front runner then. How did Leslie do against yours? And will she show again? Any Oci's at the show?
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I just love looking at pictures from the cat shows! What is the spray bottle for in the one where the Judge is looking over Tuscany? (I love that name for a cat BTW!)
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The bottle is used between judging each cat. The judge will spray the table and his/her hands and wipe everything off. Its to take away the scent of the previous cat on the table.
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It was nice meeting everyone, too. I thought Nial's, Leslie's, and my cats should have done better. That's okay. There's next time. I'll be at the New Year's show this year and probably will be at the one in Jamestown in November. Because of my budget I have only been at shows within a short driving distance (so far only in Raleigh )

And I'm so glad Tuscany did the best at this show. She was my favorite in the poll.

Nial, you DO have nice cats. I overheard someone asking if they were for sale. I would have loved to take one home myself - and a Maine Coon or two .

By the way, Chloe got a final in her last ring. It was 10th place, but at least she got something. As for Luna, she is still one final away from being Grand Master. Darn!
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Congratulations Nial, love that photo of Tuscany and Cypress

Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
The bottle is used between judging each cat. The judge will spray the table and his/her hands and wipe everything off. Its to take away the scent of the previous cat on the table.
Over here it's a disinfectant so no disease is spread cat to cat.

Originally Posted by Starfish View Post
By the way, Chloe got a final in her last ring. It was 10th place, but at least she got something. As for Luna, she is still one final away from being Grand Master. Darn!
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Originally Posted by missymotus View Post
Over here it's a disinfectant so no disease is spread cat to cat.
That's what it is at these shows too. It's the same stuff the stewards use to clean the cages between cats.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Any Oci's at the show?
No Oci's. I don't see Oci's very often at the TICA shows I go to. There was an E. Mau this time and 5 Toyger kittens were competing for the first time.

4 Aby kittens, several American shorthairs, 12 bengal kittens, 3 Pixibobs, 2 sphynx, one each exotic and oriental shorthair

There was also a Chartreux kitten among all the shorthairs. Haven't seen one of those for awhile.

Then also about 34 longhaired kittens. Lots of Ragdolls, Persians and Maine Coons and 3 Birmans.

I think the whole kitten class was over 60 total. Total cat count for the show was around 250.
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Just curious on the Oci's - thanks

Anyway I should have clarified that on the bottle - it IS disinfectant in the bottle which sanitizes and takes the previous cat's smell off the table.
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Thanx for sharing the pictures and congrats to Tuscany!
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Nial, how did the Toygers do?
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Nice pics, Nial! Both are very beautiful in markings. Congrats to Tuscany!
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DARIN IT! When was that show? I am only about 3 hours from Raleigh, and need to go see a friend in Clayton, anyway. I guess I didn't read the threads closely enough. Is there going to be another one any time soon?I am so sad I missed it.
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Hello to all TCS members!

We had a great time at the show and it was a real pleasure meeting Nial, Teri, and Lianna (and all their kittens). This was my first cat show experience, of course, and we had a good time. Jason did end up enjoying it more than he thought he would so that was a good thing! He's very competitive so he had a good time competing in the agility ring.

I did take a good many pictures, so I'll have to post them soon. I need to pull them off my camera, put them on a site, shrink em', etc. Too busy today to do all of that, but I promise to post them by Wednesday.

It was amazing to see how beautiful all the cats were. Of course I love my little Rowdy, but the cat shows really do attract the best of the best! Rowdy didn't do very well in the ring, but we still love him, of course. According to the expert critique of the breeders around us (Nial and then a couple from Sarasota FL), he has a "pronounced" forehead..... OK, so we called him baseball-head, melon-head..... and other loving nicknames. Other than that, they said he was a pretty good looking kitty, but they just didn't know what to think of his head. The kitties that beat Rowdy definitely deserved it and I don't have hard feelings.

I was VERY proud of the way Rowdy behaved himself in the ring and in his cage. He was a very good boy- rarely complained- did what he was supposed to do, etc. I was actually very surprised with how well he handled himself- I was nervous before we went. He did very well in the agility ring, so we were proud of him for that. He got the 3rd best time overall!!! Apparently 47 cats tried the ring, 12 got clean runs, and out of those 12 he got 3rd best time. Honestly I think we could have at least gotten 2nd place, but we didn't "camp out" in the IRing as long as the winners did. They kept those pixiebob kittens running that course all day for 2 days straight! Regardless, I'm really proud of him. Maybe I'll figure out a way to get his video on YouTube. I haven't been able to get a good feed from my video camera onto my computer yet- but I'm sure that would be something that you guys might like to see.

Like Nial told you, my cage did win the "best decorated" award. It was a Christmas in July theme and we made a little Christmas cottage and decorated the backdrop with a painting of a fireplace.

That's enough blabbing from me for now!! I hate that I couldn't meet all of you at the show! Thanks for all your advice leading up to this past weekend. It was greatly appreciated! Too bad you couldn't tell me how to shrink the lump on Rowdy's forehead.
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I'm so glad you had a good time. We tried Charlie in the agility ring first show - but he was too interested and only 4 months old to concentrate on much of anything.

If your kitten winds up not being good enough to show in championship/alter and you like showing, you can always show him in the HHP classes and win ribbons Since he enjoys the shows so much anyway.

I wish you the best in whatever you all decide as far as showing
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OK, first, the cage that won "best decorated" for our Christmas in July theme....

The front:

The side (note the window):

Fireplace background for the cottage:

Now on to the kitties!

Rowdy appears to be "too cool" to act like a normal bengal. Look at all the other kitties and then look at Rowdy.

Eventually the fun caught on and he decided to play a little bit, too....

Time for judging!

This is how the whole show went! (Yeah right....)

All I got was video for the agility ring! I need to do something with that.... I've got more pics, but I'm a little sleepy so this will have to do for now! It was certainly a good time, though.
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Great pictures - and yes you did name him the right name. Don't think I've seen any kittens hanging from a judging cage before (on their own anyway)

Hope you figure out the video on agility to post. I like watching cats that do something in there
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Haha, it was a blast watching all the silly kittens. Kitten #69, in particular, was very crazy to watch in the cage.

I'll work on the agility video sometime this week. I'd like to figure out how to post it on YouTube. The last time I tried to pull video from the camera onto my harddrive the sound was "delayed" so it didn't feel right. I suppose with this type of video I could just put music in the background if the sound didn't work.....

Unfortunately it seems like I never caught one of his "best" runs on camera (isn't that the way it goes), but I haven't reviewed the footage yet so I should have something worth watching, at least.
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Ask Nial about the YTube videos - he's put several on there of his cats - he might be able to help you out.
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Will do. Thanks!!!
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