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Tom Tom

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I just wanted to update and let everyone know that Riley's foster brother "Tom Tom" didn't make it. They were unable to do anything about his renal failure and he had to be put to sleep.

Rest in peace, sweet boy.

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Rest in peace, Tom-Tom. You're now in a sunny place with no pain.
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
Rest in peace, Tom-Tom. You're now in a sunny place with no pain.
& there are, unfortunately, lots of kittens there to play with, too!
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Play happily, little guy, knowing you were loved.
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Rest In Peace, Baby, you are whole now
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Oh how sad Rest in Peace Sweet TomTom
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Tom Tom will be with my Special one now at the bridge, playing with all the other furbabies, where it is perfect weather all the time, and the greenest of grass, the richest of colors. So sorry for your loss. Prayers too Tom Tom and AlleyGirl ((( Hugs ))) God Bless.
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Oh bless his little heart

I'm sure Alley will be there to meet him at the other side of the bridge to take him to his new home Paula

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Oh no!
Thats so sad.

Rest In Peace sweetie
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RIP Tom Tom, you are now healthy again, have fun at the Bridge
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How sad.

RIP Tom Tom
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I'm so sorry! Rest peacefully, Tom Tom and play happily over the bridge.
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Oh no
RIP Tom Tom, have fun at the Bridge.
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