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Fun with Photoshop - Broni

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theimp98's Broni

another one for this week, something a little different

The original for those who want to cut out themselves

and a precut version

Take this picture of Broni and Photoshop him into different situations.

Forum Rules about copyrights still apply. If you didn't take the picture or get it from a Royalty-free stock photo website, don't use it.

Anything posted which uses a photo that is an obvious copyright will be deleted and replaced with this:

Don't waste your time with a copyright photo as others will not get to see your work.

Here are a few stock photo websites:


You are free to use other sites as long as they are copyright / royalty free, it may be a good idea to make it easier to 'prove' if you provide the link of the site where you got the picture. Google / Photobucket image searches DO NOT provide the information necessary to know if they are copyright / royalty free images.

Have fun![
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That picture is hilarious. A kitty in a plastic bag.

Here's mine.

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These are Crazy
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funny, maybe i should give that a try
heeh anyway, its itta's kitty. but i know she wont mind.
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hehe... ok i think i shall give it a try... lol

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